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Han Li gave a respectful nod to Cao Mengrong’s Senior Martial Sister, but when he heard of the man’s unordinary status, his expression stirred and he said, “The South Pillar General! So you were one of the eight illustrious generals of the Great Jin. I’ve been too rude.”

Although he understood very little of the Great Jin’s court, he was well aware of its famous officials.

The eight great generals controlled a majority of the military strength in the empire. Each of them commanded armies numbering in the millions, protecting the cities at the frontier with hardened elites.

However, the reason why Han Li knew about these generals wasn’t because of any concern for the mortal world, but that three of the great generals were relatives of the royal family. As for the rest, they were given assistance from the various superpowers of the cultivation world to acquire their positions. Even the Great Jin Imperial Family couldn’t easily go against them them. And since the South Pillar General wasn’t related to the royal family, it was certain he had a relationship to one of these factions.

The general smiled and cupped his hand towards Han Li. “I have heard from Mengrong that Sir Han is a cultivator. As I am but a mere mortal, how could I dare to act superior in front of you?”

Of course, Han Li knew he was only being polite.

With his identity, he wouldn’t find it difficult to attract the service of Core Formation cultivators but not Nascent Soul cultivators. Han Li previously revealed to Cao Mengrong that he was only at Qi Condensation stage, but this person was quite unordinary to treat a minor cultivator like Han Li with such courtesy. And it was also quite brave of him to make his way to the capital without a high-grade cultivator protecting him.

With that in mind, Han Li modestly replied, “I don’t dare to be presumptuous. General Wang is being far too polite. Even vagrant cultivators like me have long heard of your military prowess.”

Young Miss Wang pursed her lips in a smile and said, “Fellow Daoist Han, I’ve heard you’ve given Junior Martial Sister Cao cultivation guidance for a time. As a result, she managed to raise two layers in a few short years. When my master found this out, she repeatedly praised Junior Martial Sister Cao’s luck and suggested that Brother Han had likely concealed his true cultivation as ordinary cultivators absolutely wouldn’t be able to produce such inconceivable results. Now that Fellow Daoist Han’s body is lacking spiritual Qi, it clearly shows that you’ve mastered a Qi restraining technique. It appears that my master had guessed correctly.”

Absorbed in the joy of seeing Han Li again, Cao Mengrong then woke up and examined him to find that his body completely lacked any spiritual Qi fluctuations. With an astonished expression, she yelped, “So it was like that? Brother Han, your cultivation must be...”

He smiled and calmly replied, “At the time, I had encountered mishap and received he

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