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King Glorious Blaze looked at Han Li and addressed the yellow-robed man’s threats by saying, “Fellow Daoist, do not be coerced by them. Soon, my reinforcements will arrive. So long as you protect me for a short while, you will have nothing to worry about.”

Han Li’s appearance was the surprise factor that could tip the scales in the favor of either side.

At the moment, Han Li had his arms crossed with a pensive expression.

When Master Wild Sand heard King Glorious Blaze, an ominous glint appeared in his eyes, but he forced himself to remain still. Although this youth hadn’t fully displayed his abilities, Master Wild Sand didn’t dare to underestimate after the golden lightning he displayed earlier.

Under these circumstances, he could no longer continue to hide his plan and spoke bluntly, “Brother Glorious Blaze, could it be you haven’t discovered the Seven Devilwind Seeds and three Yellow Earthfiends? In the instant you left your tomb, Fellow Daoist Heavenwind and I placed a spell formation outside of it. Your reinforcements should still be trapped in the tomb.

Although it’s possible they’ll be able to break through it, they’re going to be stalled for at least half a day. Besides...hehe!” With that said, he began to let out a cold laugh.

“Besides what?” King Glorious Blaze’s heart grew sullen and he glared at the large man while clenching his fists.

Master Wild Sand looked up at the sky and sneered, “Besides, it’s currently almost noon and the eruption of Yin Qi in the earth veins will soon arrive. Brother Glorious Blaze, your Heavenly Corpse Arts will suffer a great loss in power as a result.”

King Glorious Blaze’s expression froze and a faint layer of black Qi appeared around him. With a fierce smile on his face, he furiously said, “Good, very good! I didn’t think that you knew about both my Heavenly Corpse Arts and the earth vein’s Yin Qi. However, these are mere superficial details. I’ll have you personally witness the might of my Heavenly Corpse Arts.”

With no hope of reinforcements, he flew into a fury and began to unleash his strength, unresigned to just sit there and wait for death. Of course, unless he did this much he wouldn’t be able to win over Han Li.

King Glorious Blaze promptly spat out a ball of black blood that formed a fist-sized black talisman character before shooting onto his forehead and leaving a distinct mark behind. The talisman character released a black demonic light, causing the old man’s body to release roiling grey corpse Qi while he began to savagely roar.

Although Master Wild Sand didn’t know what ability he was trying to use, he wouldn’t allow him to easily finish. He immediately shouted, “Attack! We don’t need to hold this off any longer.”

After shouting, he stomped on the giant gourd beneath him. The gourd faintly trembled and spouted yellow sand, condensing into a ten-meter-tall flood dragon in the blink of an eye that fiercely pounced towards King Glorious Blaze.

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