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After the time it took to finish a meal, Han Li appeared in front of the jade residence with an unmoved expression.

Elder Wang frowned for a moment, but when Han Li arrived in front of him, he smiled and asked, “Is the treasure to Fellow Daoist Han’s satisfaction?"

“The residence isn’t large, but it has rooms for pill refinement, beast nurturing, and everything else I can think of. However, there is something that I’m unsure of. I’ll need Brother Wang to explain it to me.”

“If you have any questions relating to the Hidden Fortune Mansion, I will answer to the best of my ability,” Elder Wang cheerfully replied.

Han Li met his gaze and asked, “I’ll be blunt then. I understand that the greatest advantage of the Hidden Fortune Mansion is that it can be enlarged and shrunk at will, allowing it to be easy to carry, but will it behave like a storage pouch and shrink the items that are already inside of it? And will spirit beasts properly shrink inside without a problem?”

“The mansion is able to compress all furnishings that it was refined with, but living things like spirit beasts will not do. Even if they possessed profound transformation abilities, they would be destroyed from the spatial pressure of the mansion’s reduction. Even if they are able to endure the immense pressure, they will be sealed from the outside world and disconnected from the world’s spiritual Qi, surely leading them to death.”

Elder Wang gave a full and honest explanation. After all, this was something that would be easily discovered with a bit of testing.

After a moment of thought, Han Li added, “In that case, I would also have to store away the medicinal plants in the garden each time I put away the mansion. Is this correct?”

Elder Wang frowned in thought and spoke with a blank expression, “That’s right, Fellow Daoist. This is an unsolvable problem for these Hidden Fortune Mansions. Despite that, you are able to summon or send the mansion at your beck and call as a result of its attached restrictions. It isn’t comparable to ordinary treasures in terms of value.”

Han Li smiled, “That’s also one of the reasons I am interested in acquiring one, but I fear I might not have enough the means to acquire it.”

“You mean to say that you plan on trading for this item?” Elder Wang’s eyes lit up with pleasant surprise.

With an easy expression, Han Li said, “I have some rare materials on hand that I have no use for. Once you give me the clear details on the mansion’s price, we can discuss what to specifically trade for.”

“Of course. All of what we desire is in this jade slip. Please take a look.” With a wide smile, his sleeve trembled as he sent a streak of white light towards Han Li.

Han Li caught it and then began to read it with his spiritual sense.


Two hours later, Han Li left the gates of the Hidden Fortune Pavilion with Elder Wang sending him off with a smile. Before departing, Han Li gave a salute back and uttered a few

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