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When the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon approached him, Han Li smiled. His sleeve trembled and a red light flew out before disappearing without a trace. Afterwards, thunder rang out from behind him, followed by the appearance of a pair of silver-white wings on his back.

In a flare of silver light, Han Li disappeared just as the flood dragon’s scarlet claws were about to strike him. Before he could recover from the missed attack, he heard a soft yet sharp shriek. As silent as it was swift, a translucent red needle arrived next to the flood dragon and was about to pierce through its head. It was the needle that Han Li had refined from crystallized demon core.

Currently, the only thing protecting the flood dragon were the flames surrounding its body.

When the scarlet flood dragon finally saw the needle arrive at his side, he felt engulfed in terror. Given no time to react, he could only twist his head to the side, but he was far too slow.Hiss.He let out a cry of agony let out and covered his face with his claw as blood freely flowed from it. The flying needle had left behind a hole in his face.

While the needle was incredibly sharp, it didn’t have the power to severly injure the flood dragon. So in the instant the needle pierced through, he mentally commanded it to immediately expand several times in size, multiplying the damage of the wound.

Before the flood dragon could rampage, he could hear a clap of thunder behind him, followed by the appearance of Han Li. He had waved his arm and released a three-meter-long golden streak directly towards him.

The scarlet flood dragon’s mood sank and he ignored the pain on his face. His tail flickered with light and grew several times in size before fiercely sweeping it at Han Li with reckless abandon, hoping to crush him first.

Han Li then frowned. As expected of a worldly spiritual beast, he was extremely quick to react, unlike ordinary human cultivators who were helpless in the face of his lightning movement ambushes. With a mental command, the golden swordstreak shifted direction to cleave through the flood dragon’s tail.

It had split through the red light surrounding the tail without resistance. The flood dragon felt his heart tremble at the sight and he hastily gathered the entirety of his spiritual power into his tail scales, turning them into shining red crystals.

Bang.Golden and scarlet light intertwined in a blinding display, forcing Han Li to close his eyes. It was only after employing the Brightsight eyes that he was able to glimpse at what was happening.

The golden sword condensed from several of his flying swords wasn’t enough to cleanly sever the flood dragon’s tail. Instead, it had only managed to break through the scales and cut a third of the way through before being firmly stopped by bone.

Han Li narrowed his eyes and held his hands in an incantation gesture, commanding the flying sword to withdraw. However, the flood dragon’s tail exerted immense str

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