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The earthfire hall was the most important structure of the Tool Refinement Hall. Although it only spanned a little over three hundred meters wide, it was three stories tall.

The top floor was the storage area for materials. The second floor was where one could directly use earthfire to refine materials and refine low-grade spirit stools. And the bottom floor was a hundred meters pit into the ground where high-grade magic tools were refined with the assistance of earthfire essence.

Han Li often used a secluded room on the second floor to refine materials and brought County Lord Luxiu there to refine her Bloodvein Silver. It was slightly cluttered so he set off on tidying it up when they arrived.

“This is where Senior Martial Brother Han refine materials?” County Lord Luxiu curiously looked around the room and particularly focused her attention at the large cauldron and the eight gourd magic tools that were scattered around it. It appeared this was the first time she saw a tool refinement site.

“What? Has the County Lord never seen magic tools refined before?” Han Li asked with a slight frown.

She reached out to touch the handle of the cauldron and said, “Ever since I was young, I’ve followed Aunt Yu in cultivation and haven’t had the time to learn about tool refinement. I usually remain in the estate to cultivate.”

Han Li glanced at the ashes in the cauldron and casually asked, “You cultivated in your estate? Could it be the Yu Estate is located above a spirit vein?”

The woman yelped in surprise and then curled her lips in a smile, “Could it be that Senior Martial Brother didn’t know who I was? You truly don’t know the royal clan that I claim my status as a County Lord?”

Han Li’s heart stirred and he chuckled, saying, “I am quite ignorant and am unsure of your identity.”

“You’re ignorant? Hehe, that’s great. There is no need for me to act as my position of County Lord. To tell the truth, I only have distant relation to the Great Jin’s royal family, but I’ve never seen the face of the emperor of the Great Jin. I’ve always remained in cultivation with my master and have never visited the royal mansion.” A trace of happiness flashed across the young woman’s face and her attitude quickly changed from the graceful poise of a noblewoman to a strangely spirited young woman.

“You’re royalty?” Han Li’s expression changed in surprise.

The young woman sat down in the lone chair in the room and tilted her head. Then with a smile, she asked, “What? Are you surprised? My title of County Lord is genuine, but it is only something that the emperor bestowed upon me. Were it not for the fact that my aunt said that I mustn’t shame the face of the imperial family before I arrived, I wouldn’t have dressed up in this fashion and wouldn’t have that group of people bothering me. Their empty talk all day around is truly boring and tiresome. Currently, I am only able to relax around Senior Martial Brother Han. You won’t be so ta

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