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When this was said, the white-robed youth led Teacher Yan and Han Li inside.

After walking through a pathway for a short while, they passed through several courtyards where Han Li heard sounds of paper and flipping pages, exactly as one would hear of an ordinary academy. Although it was named as such, why would low-grade cultivators waste their time studying instead of cultivating Qi?

When the white-robed youth saw Han Li’s surprise, he smiled and explained, “These are our lower academy disciples undergoing their noon studies. To enter the upper academy, one would not only require spirit roots but the cultivation of the noble spirit. After all, most Confucian techniques draw on the aid of noble spirit; the greater and firmer one’s noble spirit, the farther one will reach in their cultivation, greatly expanding their future prospects.” Since Teacher Yan had brought along a young cultivator with seemingly similar cultivation to his own, the white-robed youth decided to take the initiative to befriend him.

“So it was like that!” Han Li replied to this show of kindness with a smile.

At that moment, the three were walking through an area filled with pavilions. After making several turns, they arrived at a small serene courtyard. The sounds of turning pages suddenly disappeared as soon as they walked inside, clearly a result of a soundproofing restriction.

Teacher Yan didn’t show the slightest difference when this occurred. He seemed to have been there before. As for the white-robed youth, he didn’t dare to enter and had bid them farewell outside of the courtyard gate.

When he saw the youth disappeared into a pavilion at the side, Teacher Yan tidied up his clothes and approached the largest room with slow steps.

But just as he stepped forward, a light knock sounded from the door and it opened itself. Then, Senior Teacher Lu’s voice sounded out from above, “Brother Yan, please enter! I was just keeping Royal Serenity Monastery’s Nun Hualian company. Allow me to introduce you to my Brother Yan.”

“The Royal Serenity Monastery?” Teacher Yan revealed a trace of shock, but he walked in without any further hesitation. Han Li closely followed after him.

Once they entered the reception room, they saw a man and a woman sitting inside.

The man appeared over forty years old and had a thin face with long facial hair. At a glance, one could tell he was an extremely shrewd and calm individual.

The woman appeared to be in her twenties, wore yellow Daoist robes, and had fair skin and black hair. From her magnificent poise and grace, one could tell she was a Daoist nun.

When Teacher Yan and Han Li entered, the two swept their eyes past them.

Before Teacher Yan could even speak, the young Daoist nun smiled and called out to him, “So this is the famous Teacher Yan Yao? Although this humble Daoist pay no attention to the mortal world, I have heard of the great fame of the Magnificent Harmony Academy’s Teacher Yan.” Then

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