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A day passed, and Han Li emerged from the stone room to depart from the mountain, heading to the eastern half of the Jin Empire, where the largest city of the mortal world was located — the Jin Capital.

With quite a bit of time left before the trade fair started, Han Li leisurely flew at the speed of an ordinary Core Formation cultivator to avoid suspicion.

Soon, he left the Long Province and entered the neighboring territory without a problem, then taking out the Wind Riding Chariot and flying off at immense speed in a streak of white light.

As he flew, he faintly revealed the aura of his Nascent Soul cultivation and the few low-grade cultivators he occasionally flew across respectfully kept their distance.

A month later, Han Li entered the Jinjiang Province adjacent to the Jin Capital. He put away the Wind Riding Chariot and once again flew with restricted speed and aura.

After all, there were sure to be many high-grade cultivators in the heartland of the Great Jin Empire. He didn’t wish to attract unnecessary attention.


Two weeks later, Han Li was wearing azure Confucian robes as he rode on a worn cart pulled by a sickly old horse.

At that moment, he was sitting at the front of the raggedy cart and his body shook along with it. His eyes were half closed as if he were nodding off. In truth, he was secretly refining the Soul Snow Pill

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