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“Second Uncle, don’t worry. Our preparations for the auction are flawless. We’ve hired unremarkable vagrant cultivators to purchase the items we require. On the surface, they are unrelated to our Ye Clan and after the auction is over, they will all be killed and silenced.”

With some hesitation, the beautiful woman asked, “But how are you dealing with matters on the Emperor’s side? The High Zenith Sect’s Sable and the Heavenly Devil Sect’s Sevenwonders were sent to the palace. Could it be due to the rumors?”

When the old man heard this, he wore an anxious expression.

The middle-aged man’s cheek twitched and he answered with a solemn tone, “Rest assured, Eldest Brother has already probed their reason for coming— the Three Royal Monastery’s Mountain Crushing Seal. Since it is on the verge of completion, the information collected from their many spies and the rumors that we’ve deliberately leaked had led them to believe that we are refining a treasure. As a result, they are putting pressure on your Ye Clan to sell the treasure to them. In fact, this is a good result; With the bait out in the open, they won’t take notice of our true scheme. But just in case, all elders that know of the plan are to stay together whenever they go out. If they are not careful, those two eccentrics could ambush them and forcefully read through their souls. Daoist Sevenwonders in particular is skilled in all sorts of bewitchment techniques. Even Nascent Soul-stage cultivators will fall prey to him if they aren’t careful.”

The old man then sadly said, “So it was like that. But aren’t we letting go of the Mountain Crushing Seal too easily despite the efforts we put into refining it?”

The middle-aged sneered. “Not at all! If one sect were to visit us, we wouldn’t be able to resist the pressure and only give in. But with two of them here, there is an opportunity to exploit. Eldest Brother had already made a plan. Regardless of who the Mountain Crushing Seal goes to, it will cost them quite a bit.”

The old man and the beautiful woman exchanged a glance of confusion and could only tactfully drop the matter.

The three then talked for a moment more before departing on their own ways.


Time quickly passed and it was the day the grand auction convened.

During this time, the Yin Sifting Sect had searched all over the city for Han Li’s whereabouts, but they had actually only looked at the other markets, inns, and other places where cultivators had gathered. Since Han Li was wholly focused on refining the Snow Crystal Pearl, he hadn’t emerged even once.

During the morning, Han Li had changed his appearance to a large tan man, and the bamboo tube on his back transformed into a longsword. With his disguise prepared, he made his way to the West Jin Market with his cultivation restrained to mid-Core Formation stage to avoid attracting much attention.

As he had anticipated, the closer he approached the market, the more high-grade cultivat

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