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The Long Province was a large province located on the western portion of the Jin Empire. It has tall and expansive mountains, areas filled with toxic miasma, and venomous animals of all kinds.

This province was different from other areas of the empire. Only the illustrious Righteous Dao Sect — the High Sun Palace — and one of the ten great devilish sects — the Devilwood Sect — ruled over this large area. No external powers were able to involve themselves with the province.

As native cultivation factions only consisted of small sects and schools, they weren’t able to pose the slightest threat to these two vast and powerful sects, and were forced to subject themselves under the control of either sect for protection. As a result, the region was split into the west and east.

In the west was the Heavenpeak Mountain Range where the High Sun Palace ruled. The mountain range spanned over a hundred thousand kilometers of wilderness. The palace was located on a mountain named South Sky Mountain at the very center of the mountain range. Tens of thousands of the sect’s disciples resided in the various mountains nearby. With the addition of the surrounding mountains acting as a natural fortress, no cultivators dared to attack the High Sun Palace. Even particularly reckless individuals were unable to break through the grand spell formation surrounding the mountain which consisted of thirteen layers of fearsome restrictions.

But one day, when a group of High Sun Palace disciples flew out from the Heavenpeak Mountain Range, an azure streak suddenly flashed from the top of an unknown mountain nearby. There was an azure-robed youth that stood on a huge boulder with his hands held behind his back. He was silently staring at the group of disciples from behind.

Monarch Soul Divergence voice echoed through the youth’s mind, “Youngster Han, do you truly plan on acting against the High Sun Palace? The sect is amongst the top sects of the ten great righteous sects of the Jin Empire. It doesn’t seem wise to provoke them.”

Han Li indifferently said, “I know, but we’ve already collected most the materials we need for the Triflame Fan. Now, we are only missing the Vast Yang Bird’s plume feather and the Scarlet Fire Flood Dragon’s scales. We already acquired information from the market city that many ferocious flood dragons have begun devouring cultivators on the eastern coast of the Jin Empire, and there seemed to be a red flood dragon amongst them. Even if it isn’t the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon, we may as well try our luck and see if it is another fire-attribute flood dragon. As for the Vast Yang Bird, we’ve looked through all the markets in the south to find that only the High Sun Palace raised it. Where else would we get its plume feather? I have no choice but to risk provoking them.”

“I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t steal the plume, but why don’t you deal with them out in the open instead? With your current mid-Nascent Soul cultivati

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