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‘Not good!’ Han Li shouted in his mind as his heart suddenly dropped. He had intended to avoid the ongoing quarrel but now trouble had come to find him.

From the pressure the three parties emitted, it was clear they were all Nascent Soul cultivators. However, the strength of the grey Qi was fluctuating as if its owner was injured. It appeared the other two parties were moving in for the kill.

Unable to completely avoid them, Han Li steeled his heart and flew to the side. He wanted to see whether or not the three would fly past and ignore an insignificant Foundation Establishment cultivator like him.

After Han Li flew for another forty meters, he came to a sudden stop and looked all around him with a bewildered expression.

The cloud of grey Qi soon took the lead and brushed past him. Concealed inside the grey Qi was a pale cultivator wearing a tall crown. When he coldly glanced at Han Li in passing, an odd expression appeared on his face before he continued shooting over a hundred meters away.

Following that, a series of world-shaking tremors erupted around him and a three-meter-wide yellow gourd flew over from three hundred meters away. The mouth of the gourd trembled and a cloud of yellow sand burst out, rushing in the direction of the fleeing grey Qi.

“Soulfall Sand!” When the figure in the grey Qi saw the incoming sand, he abruptly sped up with a fearful expression in an attempt to avoid it.

“Hehe!Brother Glorious Blaze, you’re too slow.” Accompanied by a wild howl of laughter, a large yellow-robed man with a thick beard emerged from the gourd. The large man then formed an incantation gesture before a huge bang sounded out, as the sky was suddenly covered in a deep yellow cloud of sand, inside of which formation flags could occasionally be seen.

King Glorious Blaze, the cultivator within the grey Qi, was alarmed by the sudden development and hastily shot downward only to be met with the sight of yellow sand. The incoming cloud of sand had already enveloped an area of over a kilometer around him.

King Glorious Blaze came to a stop and gave a menacing glare at the yellow-robed man standing on top of the huge gourd. Their standoff only lasted for a moment before the white windstorm and the black devilish cloud quickly arrived beside him, leaving King Glorious Blaze completely surrounded.

The large yellow-robed man calmly said, “Brother Glorious Blaze, when you fought the Grand Yang Sect’s Mister Song, you were struck by the Sunthrust Ruler and your incomplete Heavenly Corpse Body was heavily injured. And now, you find yourself surrounded. So long as you spit out your Heavenly Corpse Pearl and let us place you under a restriction, we’ll let you live. After all, you’ve associated with us for a while now, and I would find it somewhat cruel to just scatter your soul.”

King Glorious Blaze appeared exceptionally calm after hearing this and coldly said, “Master Wild Sand, I knew it was you. Ever since I left

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