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Currently, Han Li’s party was thousands of kilometers to the west of Jade Blossom Island.

A few days ago, a party of cultivators were ambushed by a grade-eight blue flood dragon. Although the flood dragon was rather cunning and wouldn’t likely to stay in the vicinity, the South Sea Sect had sent them on a search regardless to see if they could acquire any unexpected gains.

When in the presence of so many people, Han Li couldn’t fully use his spiritual sense or he would risk attracting the attention of the Nascent Soul cultivator leading their squad. He could only release enough spiritual sense for him to detect traces of the flood dragons ahead of time, which was five kilometers around him and the surface of the ocean.

As the day went on, they finished most of their search, but surprisingly, they weren’t able to find anything.

Suddenly, a cultivator at the front yelled out in surprise, “What’s that!?”

Han Li turned his attention from the sea to the sky after hearing this, catching sight of surging clouds that spanned for over a kilometer flying towards them.

An uproar was raised amongst the group and one of them shouted with delight, “This is good! There should be a high-grade demon beast within. Do not allow it to escape.”

One of the more vigilant cultivators hesitantly said, “Something is amiss. Those flood dragons usually flee as soon as they see us. So then why would they take the initiative to approach us? Do they have some sort of plan?”

The Nascent Soul cultivator leading the squad was a large middle-aged man who wore golden robes. He frowned when he heard the two and unconsciously turned in their direction. However, his face suddenly froze and he loudly shouted, “Be careful! There are demon beasts approaching us from another direction!”

When the group heard this, they were frightened into action. They all spat out their magic treasures and prepared themselves for battle, but as far as the eye could see, they couldn’t find any trace of a demon beast.

The cultivators glanced at one another. Just as they were about to speak, an ear-piercing roar shook the air. Then, various-colored clouds had appeared in the distance. They continuously lurched and revealed the faint silhouettes of flood dragons from within.

But what was most noteworthy were the two particularly large demon clouds in the east and the west, glowing in red and blue light respectively, making for a gorgeous display.

At this close distance, the cultivators could feel the fearsome power of the flood dragons that the clouds contained. Most turned pale with terror, and one of them even lost himself to fear and cried out, “How can this be? Two grade-eight demon beasts...”

Another grade-eight flood dragon had made a sudden appearance. They were no longer satisfied with ambushing them, but now wanted to completely eliminate them. The hunters have turned into the hunted.

The squad leader was still able to keep his calm under the

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