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Han Li’s expression sank when he saw their attempt to escape, and proceeded to flick his fingers at the three cultivators who had emerged from the yellow mist. They were only able to fly ten meters away before being engulfed by sword Qi.

Miserable screams sounded out, followed by a shower of blood raining from the air.

Terrified, the hunchbacked old man that escaped in the blood cloud immediately poured the entirety of his spiritual power into the cloud, hoping to reach the street a hundred meters away.

He didn’t actually think he would be able to escape, but if he managed to escape in an area filled with morals and cause Han Li to hesitate, buying him precious time.

However, Han Li simply stood in place with a sneer and pointed at the blood cloud. The red thread that had just killed Shopkeeper Feng a moment ago suddenly appeared behind the cloud and pierced through it in a flash of crimson light.

An anguished wail sounded out and the blood cloud scattered. The hunchbacked old man then fell from the sky and was caught by a large hand of azure light. It had thrown away the three magic tools previously in its grasp, bringing only the old man back to Han Li.

As for the red thread, it completely disappeared without a trace before making a reappearance at his side.

Han Li held out his hand and the thread slowly fell into his palm to reveal its true form as an inch-long flying needle. It was translucent and crystalline with red light pulsing from its surface.

He looked at the needle with a satisfied expression. Quite a bit of effort went in to refine the crystallized demon core into this flying needle. Its great might, speed, and stealth were all to his satisfaction. And with a bit more tempering, he could increase its power by another stage.

With a flip of his hand, the needle was absorbed into his body. Emotionlessly, he raised his head to look at the hunchbacked old man grasped in the hand of light. The old man’s complexion had now turned completely pale in part due to the new hole in his abdomen.

When he saw Han Li looking at him, the old man forced a smile out of fear and spoke with a flattering tone, “This is a misunderstanding, a complete misunderstanding! Since Senior possesses such vast abilities, we certainly found the wrong person! Yes, Senior must certainly be a magnanimous person and mustn't lower himself to this foolish Junior’s level. I-I am a mere member of the Guanning’s Kong clan. Please, if you have any questions, I will be sure to answer them all!” Knowing that his situation was dire, he hastily rambled in hope of somehow persuading Han Li to spare him.

However, Han Li stuck a talisman onto the old man’s body and he suddenly ceased begging for his life as his eyes became spiritless.

“So troublesome, I only wish to know a few things so I didn’t have to worry,” he muttered softly and then summoned all of the magic tools on the ground into his hand before heading inside the courtyard, f

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