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Outside of Taichang City, there were many unremarkable Confucian schools, one of which was a mid-grade school by the name of Pure Revelations Academy. If there was anything notable to say about it, it was that it was constructed on the renown Jadefield Mountains.

These mountains were a renown spirit mountain range in the Taichang Prefecture with over ten various peaks. Although it wasn’t particularly steep or imposing, it had favorable weather throughout the year and beautiful flowers blooming all over. There were also many rare spirit trees and fruits that can only be found there, causing them to be ranked as the greatest of the thirteen spirit mountains in the region.

The Pure Revelations Academy was constructed on the Jadefield Mountains’ Illusory Cloud Peak. The academy, which could hold over a thousand people, was constructed across the entire upper-half of the mountain.

It is said that this academy didn’t have the qualifications to establish themselves on such a famous mountain, as the other mountains were filled with famous and renowned temples that were clearly superior existences compared to it. But strangely enough, when the Pure Revelations Academy was constructed over a thousand years ago, the Daoist Temples in the vicinity hadn’t opposed them in the slightest. Rather, the priests and monks would treat the students of the academy with great courtesy ever since its establishment, much to the astonishment of the locals.

Another odd thing about the academy was the disparity of the ages of the disciples they recruit, ranging anywhere from six years old to well over twenty years old. And each year, they would recruit disciples at three to four times at irregular intervals. There were times where they would go four or even eight years without recruiting anyone. In addition, many of the people that are accepted are rarely seen walking out of the front gates, adding an air of mystery to the academy.

Of course, these were only viewed as mysteries to the mortals that inhabited the bottom half of the mountain. Since they didn’t know any better, they believed Pure Revelations Academy to be completely unremarkable as their name was hardly heard of throughout the region.

One day, there were two people that were slowly climbing up Illusory Cloud Mountain. One of them was a middle-aged scholar with a dignified appearance and the other was a scholar around the age of twenties who had somewhat tanned skin and a common appearance. He was Han Li, who had appeared at the Gan Estate a month prior.

The middle-aged scholar walked forward with fluttering sleeves, saying, “Esteemed Nephew Han, the Pure Revelations Academy had finished recruiting disciples two months prior, but I heard from Old Fellow Gan that you’ve learned an assortment of Daoist Techniques and know of the existence of cultivators. As such, I’ve brought you to this academy for a test. It will be up to destiny to see whether or not they will take you in. Since I s

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