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He immediately swept a sleeve through the air to release a burst of glacial light, which dragged the Ice Phoenix over to his side.

He then opened his mouth to release that translucent bead, transforming into a giant eight-winged centipede before fleeing out of the cave abode as a white thread.

A short while later, the black-robed young man appeared in the distance atop his rainbow cloud.

He appeared to be moving quite slowly, but that wasn't actually the case at all, and he arrived above the mountain after just a few flashes.

He glanced down expressionlessly at the mountain, and a cold smile appeared on his face before he flew away atop the rainbow cloud again, departing in the same direction that the Six-winged Frost Centipede had fled toward.

It seemed that this true immortal really did have a way to track the duo; even after such a long time, he was still able to find their location with unerring accuracy.

Thus, the pursuit continued.

Due to that movement technique being used by the Six-winged Frost Centipede, there was a vast speed disparity, but no matter how much distance was opened up between them, the black-robed young man would always be able to catch up in a few days like a cat toying with a mouse.

The Six-winged Frost Centipede was extremely alarmed by this, but no matter how he examined the Ice Phoenix's and his own body, he couldn't find any tracking marks. Only then did he realize that he had underestimated this true immortal, after all.

As such, he could only continue to expend the Plain Yin Star Qi that he had recently manifested to flee from their pursuer.

Three months later, the Six-winged Frost Centipede was on the verge of collapse, but the black-robed young man suddenly disappeared and didn't reappear for several days.

The Six-winged Frost Centipede and Ice Phoenix were naturally ecstatic to see this, thinking that they had finally shaken off their pursuer. Thus, they hurriedly found a secluded location where the Six-winged Frost Centipede was able to replenish his own energy, but half a month later, the black-robed young man appeared in the nearby area again, and the two of them could only continue their life on the run.


In a secluded hall in the headquarters of the He Lian Trade Guild on the Blood Sky Continent, Bi Ying was seated behind a purple wooden table, appraising a jade slip that he had just received with a dark expression.

Moments later, he finished reading the contents of the jade slip before setting it down, then clapped his hands together, and a blurry humanoid figure immediately appeared amid a gentle breeze.

The figure extended a deep bow toward Bi Ying, who asked, "What happened? Why did it take you so long to report Fellow Daoist Yan Yu's death to me?"

"According to our sources, Senior Yan Yu met up with two other Grand Ascension Stage seniors before venturing into the Qi Yun Mountain Range to investigate the disappearance of the eight

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