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A burst of thunderous rumbling rang out, and a giant rainbow light barrier suddenly appeared around 100 in front of the young man.

The balls of lightning and scintillating sun struck the light barrier before exploding violently, sending an enormous burst of energy erupting into the heavens, threatening to tear apart and devour everything.

In the face of such a fearsome explosion, the rainbow light barrier only flashed slightly but remained completely resolute, keeping the explosive force at bay.

Right at this moment, the entire sky suddenly dimmed, and a semi-transparent giant hand emerged out of thin air.

The hand was smooth and translucent with countless golden runes flashing over its surface, and it made a grabbing motion, upon which the entire sky tremored violently as a burst of indescribable power descended from above.

Tens of thousands of feet away, the purple-armored man's Nascent Soul was suddenly forced to stumble out of thin air.

Even though it had already fled this far, its teleportation had suddenly been disrupted by the burst of power descending from the heavens, thereby forcing it to reveal itself

Before the alarmed Nascent Soul had a chance to try and teleport away again, the massive hand in the sky swooped down upon it before gently pointing a gigantic pillar-like finger at its head.

In the face of the giant finger, the Nascent Soul disintegrated into specks of spiritual light before it even had a chance to make a sound, and the specks of light were all absorbed by the huge finger.

The black-robed young man then waved a hand through the air, and the rainbow light barrier before him crumbled away, but instead of immediately departing, he turned toward a certain direction, and said, "You've been watching for quite some time now; isn't it about time you two came out?"

However, he was greeted by nothing but silence.

"Hmph, so you insist on making me force you to reveal yourselves," the black-robed young man harrumphed coldly as he pointed toward that direction in a casual-looking manner.

Red light flashed in the distance, and a bolt of crimson lightning came crashing down, causing the nearby space to ripple violently.

"You knew we were here all along?" A stunned voice rang out, seeming out of thin air.

Immediately thereafter, a man and a woman appeared amid a flash of spiritual light.

Both of them were wearing white robes, and the man had golden and silver spirit patterns etched on either side of his face, which bore a strong resemblance to Han Li.

As for the woman, this was an icy beauty with skin as fair as snow.

These two were none other than the Six-winged Frost Centipede and the Ice Phoenix who had been forced to accompany him on his journey.

They were originally on the Thunder Continent, but they had somehow made their way onto the Blood Sky Continent.

"You think your pitiful concealment abilities can fool me? What a joke! Having said that, the two of

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