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Under the guidance of Old Man Fu, Han Li and the others tread past the Hundred Possibilities Pavilion’s grand formation and entered the sect. Unlike last time where they descended to a plaza surrounded by mountains for the Sword Trial Assembly, they instead arrived at the large platform built on the side of the mountain.

At the center of this platform was a five story stone pagoda about three hundred meters tall. The mountain behind the pagoda reached up beyond the eye could see and was densely filled with holes. Occasionally, Hundred Possibilities Pavilion disciples would dart in and out of them like bees.

Old Man Fu didn’t lead them to the pagoda. Instead, he brought them to the top of the mountain.

As they flew past the mountain, Senior Martial Brother Cheng gave Han Li an introduction, “The mountain depths is a top grade reservoir of Earth Lung Fire. Not only is it far more efficient for tool refinement, but it is also incredibly beneficial for cultivators with fire-attribute techniques. As a result, many of their high-grade disciples actually construct cave residences deep inside it.”

Han Li felt his heart stir when he heard this and his face revealed a pensive expression.

In the blink of an eye, they flew over three thousand meters high and eventually arrived at a huge isolated cave. It clearly wasn’t somewhere a low-grade cultivator could travel. Apart from two old men, there were no other cultivators waiting to receive them.

When the three landed at the cave’s entrance, a red-haired dark-skinned old man called out to them, “Brother Cheng! Fellow Daoist Lu! I’ve been waiting for quite a while. I hope you two haven’t taken offense that I haven’t personally gone out to welcome you. And this must be Fellow Daoist Han! He is as young as expected. His future prospects are boundless.” After a brief look at Han Li, he shouted out with alarm, “Yi! Fellow Daoist Han has already entered mid-Nascent Soul stage?” The shriveled old man with a stern face also revealed an expression of shock.

“This seems to have come as a shock, Brother Feng.” Senior Martial Brother Cheng chuckled and said, “Junior Martial Brother Han had just entered mid-Nascent Soul stage. In the future, I hope you’ll be able to provide him with some guidance.”

When the two Hundred Possibilities Pavilion Elders recovered from their shock, they glanced at each other and wryly smiled. Old Man Feng then replied, “Us? Give guidance? Brother Cheng must be joking.”

Han Li saluted the two and spoke with a polite tone, “There is no need to be so modest. I merely cultivated quickly and my foundation is still unstable. In the future when there is something amiss with my cultivation, I hope you Fellow Daoists will be able to clear up my doubts.”

When the two Hundred Possibilities Pavilion elders heard his reply, they gained a rather good impression of Han Li. The two invited the Drifting Cloud Sect Elders inside and then the Core Formation-stage guides to

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