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Han Li flipped the small bottle and dropped a fire-red almond-sized medicine pill into his hand.

A trace of sorrow appeared on Han Li’s face. This was a medicine pill refined from a high-grade demon core and was used to increase the spiritual power of Core Formation stage cultivators. It was a bit of a waste to use it on a Foundation Establishment cultivator. If his magic power wasn’t sealed and Silvermoon wasn’t injured, he’d be able to use a soul searching technique instead of going through all this trouble.

He held Feng Yue’s chin in one hand and opened his mouth wide with a flip of his wrist. Then with his other hand, he wrapped the pill in azure Qi and flicked it into Feng Yue’s mouth.

Han Li let go of him and reached his waist to take out a sparkling silver needle. It shined with a cold light as he stabbed various places on Feng Yue’s body in a blur. Suddenly, all the stabbed areas spurted with black blood, releasing a foul stench into the air.

Han Li stood up and held his hands behind his back as he waited for Feng Yue to awaken.

After the time it took to finish a cup of tea, the black poisoned blood formed a large pool around Feng Yue’s body and he eventually began to softly groan as if he were about to awaken.

Han Li’s gaze wandered and he flicked his fingers, launching a wind that immediately stopped the flow of poisoned blood. Then with a tremble of his shoulder, his second Nascent Soul transformed into a black cloud and disappeared into the forest.

“It’s you...” Feng Yue eventually opened his eyes and clearly saw Han Li standing in front of him. He then let out a yelp of alarm and struggled to sit up.

Han Li gave Feng Yue a glance and asked, “What? Is it a surprise to see me?”

“Was it you who saved me? Where is that traitor Feng Zhen?” Although Feng Yue’s voice was weak, it was filled with vigilance.

Han Li looked to the side and carelessly said, “You mean that purple-robed man? He’s dead.”

Feng Yue turned his head with great effort before finally spotting the remains of the purple-robed old man. An expression of shock and resentment appeared on his face. Then his gaze turned back to Han Li with an odd expression.

“Could it be that Fellow Daoist Han was the one to kill that old traitor? It seems your abilities are truly profound. I will remember your kindness and reward you in the future.” He then took out a medicine pill from his waist and brought it to his mouth before attempting to stand up.

When he stood up halfway, his lost the strength in his legs and fell back onto the ground.

“What’s going on? I can’t muster any strength.” Feng Yue’s face then betrayed a trace of panic.

“You’re going to give me a reward? It seems you don’t know about your current situation.” Han Li spoke indifferently, showing no intention of helping him.

“What does that mean? What has happened to me? Have you placed a restriction on me?” Feng Yue glared at Han Li and his face revealed furious a

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