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“Ah!” In that instant, the youth Tu Meng parted away the grass and shouted in alarm before he quickly recoiled several steps back, falling on his back. He appeared thoroughly shocked.

“What’s going on?” The Grey Heron Tribe members were shocked by this sudden turn of events. There were even a few members that drew their blades in case.

“Don’t blindly take action. Tu Meng, what happened?” Ying Lu still retained his calm. He saw that the youth was still uninjured and was only frightened.

“Tribe Head, there is an Immortal there. He looks...”

Before the youth could finish, the azure light suddenly disappeared from the shrubbery and he was interrupted by a cold snort. Then a silhouette walked out in strides and asked, “Looks like what?”

Ying Lu and the others hastily looked over in shock.

The man who appeared from the shrubbery was wearing white robes and had an ordinary stature. However, he was covering his head with a peculiar blue cloak that concealed his face. There were bulging pouches at his waist and he carried a foot-long wooden box on his back.

“I pay my respects Immortal! I am the leader of the Grey Heron Tribe, Ying Lu. May I know your esteemed name?” When Ying Lu saw him appear, he immediately dismounted from his horse and deeply bowed towards the white-robed man, not daring to offend him. His tribe members followed suit as well.

The white-robed man examined Ying Lu’s party before coldly replying, “My surname is Han. The Grey Heron Tribe? I’ve never heard of it before. I was cultivating inside the thicket. What have you come here for?”

“So it is Immortal Han. We truly had no idea you were cultivating here. We hope you will forgive us for any offense we may have caused. May we ask which tribe worships you, Sir? Perhaps I may be acquainted with that tribe.” Ying Lu felt relieved when he heard that the Immortal didn’t have the mind to attack them.

The white-robed man’s eyes flickered and he indifferently said, “I’ve only recently finished my apprenticeship and I haven’t attached myself to a tribe.”

“Ah! So Sir Immortal is unattached. Since you are here alone you must be going to the temple. It is the Day of Spirit Release, something that only happens once every twenty years. Surely Immortal Han won’t be missing it.” When Ying Lu heard that the Immortal was still unaffiliated, his tone became even more respectful.

“That’s right,” the white-robed man answered. He then looked at the carriages behind him and curiously asked, “Are you heading to the temple to present tribute? I don’t see any Immortals following you.”

“Our Grey Heron Tribe is small in size. We’ve yet to hold an Immortal in our ranks. As such...” Ying Lu respectfully explained his situation. He immediately determined that the Immortal’s words were true. Why else would he act so curiously? With that in his mind, Ying Lu suddenly felt a few lingering thoughts brought to the forefront of his mind.

“Since you came across me unint

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