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The Endless Sky Saintess gradually sped up her incantations and extended her finger at the cauldron, ordering its lid to launch into the air in a streak of azure light. Then, sparkling grains of sand flew out from the cauldron and enveloped the altar, entrancing all the spectators present.

When the Saintess saw this, she stopped her incantations and pointed to the chained bison on the altar. In a flash of light, the silver chains constricted, tightly digging into the beast’s flesh until they cut through it like a thousand blades, splitting the beast into over a hundred pieces and filling the air with the scent of blood.

The azure sand began to stream onto the silver chains and densely cover the altar. Then, the bison’s corpse began to pulse in azure light as the sand gradually consumed its flesh, much to the shock of those watching.

A ball of green light suddenly flew out from the bison’s corpse and directly shot into the air. It was the primal soul that the Azure Wind Bison had strenuously cultivated for many years. But before it could travel far, several bolts of azure light streaked out from the altar and struck it down, submerging it into the streams of sand below.

After the time it took to finish a meal, the huge beast’s corpse had completely disappeared. The entirety of its flesh and bones had been consumed by the azure sand with each grain containing a trace of its blood.

When the Saintess saw this, she calmly waved towards the huge white python and the chains tightened around it, silently bringing it to the top of the altar.

A similar sacrifice occurred with the python. With the flesh and souls of the two grade seven demon beasts consumed, the azure sand transformed into a cloud of blood above the altar and floated there motionlessly.

Then, the Saintess used an incantation gesture to will the huge cauldron to slowly float from the altar in a series of trembles.

She turned to the two late Nascent Soul cultivators behind her and respectfully said, “I am going to start summoning the holy beast. Please lend me your power.”

The elegant youth smiled and calmly said, “Of course. We will do our utmost.”

The purple-haired woman pursed her lips in a smile as well.

The Saintess nodded and raised her hands. She flicked her fingers and repeatedly struck the surrounding spell formation with spell seals. Soon, it began to shine with bright light in activation.

Both the huge cauldron on the altar and the spell formation underneath began to pulse azure light in synchronization. The azure flame on the cauldron also weakened.

The Saintess walked half a step forward and raised her head, uttering a cryptic incantation. Then the two Grand Immortals placed a hand on the Saintess’ shoulders and slowly channeled spiritual power into her body.

The Saintess’ body glowed with silver light and the pattern of a flood dragon with an ox head appeared on her forehead. She pressed her hands together and then opened

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