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“What? Is there a problem with the Firesmelt Crystals?” The old man asked with a friendly chuckle.

“There’s nothing wrong. These were precisely what I bidded on.” Han Li nodded and calmly replied. Then, he handed over the spirit stones, took the gems, and took his leave with a salute.

As Han Li walked away, the old man took a glance at the empty jade box and frowned, his eyes revealing slight doubt.

Soon, Han Li returned to his seat at the auction and in a flash of light, a Firesmelt Crystal appeared in his hand. Han Li looked at the gem with a smile and obvious satisfaction.

The green-clothed woman next to Han Li saw his expression and said, “Fellow Daoist must be quite wealthy to spend eight hundred spirit stones on three Firesmelt Crystals!”

After calmly looking at the woman, Han Li replied, “That’s right. I’ve been wanting to buy those crystals for a while. Being able to buy these made this trip quite worth it.”

When the green-robed woman saw the glint in Han Li’s eye, her heart trembled and she suddenly became unable to say anything further. The yellow-robed woman at her side saw this and her expression changed as if she sensed something. She also said nothing.

After acquiring this unexpected harvest, Han Li began to look forward to the rest of the auction. But at that moment, Monarch Soul Divergence couldn’t help but ask, “Youngster Han, what do those Firesmelt Crystals have to do with demon cores? How about you give me an explanation?”

“Senior should’ve already guessed it,” Han Li calmly answered, “One of the Firesmelt Crystals is actually a grade seven demon core, but after the passage of countless years, its body had turned to that of complete crystal. It now appears no different from a Firesmelt Crystal. Even those with exceptionally powerful spiritual sense aren’t able to see the difference.”

“Grade seven demon core? Since one can’t tell the difference with spiritual sense or its exterior appearance, how were you able to see through it?” Monarch Soul Divergence wasn’t particularly shocked, but he still felt somewhat doubtful.

“Hehe, this has something to do with the baleful Qi on my body,” Han Li calmly explained, “In the past, I had personally slain thousands upon thousands of high-grade demon beasts, resulting in the dense baleful Qi on my body. As a result, the baleful Qi on my body began to stir when the grade seven demon core was taken out. Since I handled a great number of demon cores in the past, I acquired a particular method of detecting them.”

“So it was like that,” the old man chuckled, “If you truly killed so many demon beasts, then it makes sense to me why you have so much baleful Qi on your body. However, I am quite interested in how you were able to kill so many demon beasts. It seems you have many old tales that haven’t been revealed to me!”

“It’s nothing. I simply had an opportunity in the past. More importantly, I fear Senior doesn’t know the use of a crystalized demon

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