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Han Li tightly frowned for a long while before sending a voice transmission to Monarch Soul Divergence, “Senior, have you seen this before?”

“Do you truly believe that there is nothing that I haven’t experienced and nothing I don’t know?” Monarch Soul Divergence bluntly asked. “No, I don’t know what it is, but since it is able to block your spiritual sense, it could be considered a rare treasure. Ask him in detail where he acquired this item. Then you can decide whether or not you’ll take it.”

Han Li inwardly chuckled when he heard this. Then with a flicker of his eyes, he withdrew his spiritual sense from the bubble and put the box back on the table.

“How was it? Did Fellow Daoist recognize it?” Jin Yuan quickly asked.

“Apologies, my experience is still too lacking. I couldn’t recognize it.” Han Li said with a sorrowful expression.

“Even Fellow Daoist wasn’t able to recognize it,” Jin Yuan dejectedly said, “But from the way the item reacted, I had believed Fellow Daoist found out how to use it.”

Han Li smiled and casually said, “That strange reaction was something that I was only able to produce when wrapping a large amount of spiritual sense around it. Although I don’t know what it is, it does qualify as a rare treasure.”

“Oh! So it was like that.” Jin Yuan appeared skeptical and then his gaze focused on the golden bubble on the table before he released his spiritual sense.

Han Li calmly observed Jin Yuan’s actions, and after a moment, golden light began to flash from the bubble and faintly pulse. The old man then let out a long sigh and wore a tired expression as he withdrew his spiritual sense.

“It seems I’ve made a fool of myself. Fellow Daoists spiritual sense is far stronger than mine.” He spoke with a tone of admiration.

He originally believed that Han Li possessed cultivation on par with his own. However, his greatest efforts were barely enough to stir the bubble at all while Han Li’s minor efforts were able to induce a powerful reaction. This solidified his assumptions that Han Li was a heavily nurtured sect disciple that possessed countless prospects.

Han Li simply smiled and didn’t refuse his claims.

“Brother Jin, where did you acquire this item? From its peculiar nature, does it come from a particular origins? Of course, if Brother Jin finds it difficult to say, you don’t have to answer.” Han Li said with an indifferent tone.

Jin Yuan initially appeared hesitant before wearing a bitter smile and saying, “It is no secret where this item came from, but I fear you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. The matter is rather incredulous.”

“If you don’t say it, how am I supposed to believe it. If you tell me where it came from, I might be able to recognize this item. Perhaps I’ll be reminded of similar items of this nature.” Han Li said with a grin. From Jin Yuan’s tone, it seemed he had quite the story.

Jin Yuan sighed and said, “It isn’t anything worth hiding. But in order to acqu

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