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From the old man's strange discovery, there were only two conclusions: either his spiritual sense was mistaken, or there was a cultivator with a spiritual sense far superior to his own — most likely being the foreign cultivator. Regardless of the outcome, neither of them would be good.

For the first possibility, it would cause a loss of face in front of his two juniors and a loss of reputation as well, but the second possibility could lead to disaster.

While he made it appear that capturing the injured foreign cultivator would be an easy task, he was among the cultivators that had participated in the battle to stop Han Li and held his grand abilities in terror.

The Nascent Soul cultivators who fell in the battle against Han Li had their bodies had turned to purple ice and their Nascent Souls were subsequently frozen over — a scene that remained fresh in the old man’s mind. Even if the foreign cultivator was injured, he reckoned that the foreign cultivator could easily bring him down in mutual destruction.

Since there were no other Nascent Soul cultivators nearby and there was a vague possibility of death, he didn’t have the mind to confirm whether or not the danger was true. In any case, the Grand Immortals and the Saintess will personally deal with this person after the Day of Spirit Release.

With his heart filled with dread, the bald old man sighed and decided against catching up with the caravan. If he were two hundred years younger, he might’ve taken the risk. But now that he was nearing the end of his lifespan, he treasured what little time he had left.

The bald old man stared at the caravan as it made its way into the distance as he motionlessly stood in place. As for the pair standing behind him, they both glanced at each other with a bewildered expression, but neither of them were brave enough to ask about it.


When the caravan arrived ten kilometers away, Han Li felt a wave of relief. The master of the spiritual sense that had observed them back at the encampment hadn’t followed them.

Although Han Li had quickly responded to the spiritual sense search, he was unaccustomed to his drop in cultivation and withdrew his spiritual sense a bit late. He wasn't sure if he had truly concealed himself. And given how indiscernible the spiritual sense was, it was clear that the owner cultivated a secret technique.

His heart relaxed a bit for the time being and he continued to conceal his aura, not daring to be careless.

After travelling for over half a day, Han Li felt a wave of relief and began to slowly release his spiritual sense, covering a perimeter of over ten kilometers. Sensing that nothing was out of the ordinary, Han Li summoned the purple-robed old man’s storage pouch with a flip of his hand and poured out its contents in a flash of white light.

Han Li swept his gaze past the pile of items and took a small bottle into his hand. He opened it and took a whiff before shaking his head and se

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