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Silvermoon immediately felt Han Li’s sudden movements and couldn’t help but ask, “Master! What happened?”

Han Li stroked his chin and muttered, “There are two cultivators that have stopped about five kilometers away: one at Core Formation stage and the other at Foundation Establishment stage. The aura of that Foundation Establishment cultivator seems familiar. How strange, he seems to be Feng Yue.”

After a moment of silence, Silvermoon asked, “Do you wish for me to use my artifact spirit body to observe them?”

“Forget it,” Han Li shook his head, “You haven’t yet recovered from your injuries. Even with my Foundation Establishment cultivation, I can still simply keep watch over their movements with my spiritual sense until they leave.”

Silvermoon didn’t raise any objections to his words. Then, Han Li closed his eyes and continued to sit in silence.

A while later, Han Li let out a yelp and shock appeared on his face. This time, Silvermoon tactfully remained silent as Han Li tightly frowned before having sudden changes of expression.

“Senior Soul Divergence, if I remembered correctly, you said there were many techniques to dissolve my baleful Qi. Is it true that most of these techniques are Buddhist?”

“That is true,” Monarch Soul Divergence lazily replied, “Confucians and Daoists also have many of their own techniques to dissolve baleful Qi, but none are as effective as Buddhist techniques.”

As Han Li’s expression wavered, he said, “Then is it true that the most obvious property of Buddhist techniques is that a majority of them release a seven-colored light when they are activated?”

“That is right. Why? Have you discovered something?” Monarch Soul Divergence asked with a curious tone.

Han Li lowered his head and muttered, “In that case, this person might be useful. This could be an opportunity.”

Monarch Soul Divergence grew somewhat annoyed that Han Li wouldn’t answer his question. Just as he thought to ask more about it, Han Li resolved himself and set forth, riding a magic tool out of his cave in an azure streak.

This action came as a surprise to Silvermoon and Monarch Soul Divergence. But after seeing Han Li act with such haste, they could only save their questions for later.

Han Li quickly arrived at a small forest rarely seen in the Endless Sky Plains. It spanned about half a kilometer and was made of sparse and short trees. At the center of the forest, there was a patch of empty land that spanned about thirty meters wide where the two previous cultivators resided.

The blue-robed cultivator was lying facedown on the ground. He was motionless and had a black bloodstain on his back. While it was unknown whether he was still alive, a gorgeous seven-colored light covered his body. There was also other person nearby, a purple-robed old man with eagle-shaped eyes. He was striking at the light barrier with a fire-red flying sword.

Although the seven-colored light barrier was unordinary, it h

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