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In a completely sealed room, there was a three-meter-tall offering table surrounded by a dozen of various-colored formation flags. The flags glowed with light and formed a temporary spell formation. On the table, there was a dark-green formation plate surrounded with waves of green Qi. The figure of a Nascent Soul could be faintly seen sitting cross-legged within the smoke and appeared to be breathing the smoke in and out as if it were cultivating something.

At the corners of the sealed room, there were four old men sitting cross-legged who each held a dark green spell flag in their hands. The flags were all pointed at the circular plate at the center of the room and they released faint threads of green smoke that slowly spread towards the plate.

This strange scene almost appeared as if painted. The room was completely silent.

After an unknown amount of time, the four old men appeared to have grown tired and the Nascent Soul within the green mist became more stable and clearer to see.

The red-haired old man sitting in one of the corners put away the flag and stood up, cupping his fist to the other three in the room. “I can’t thank you Fellow Daoists enough for your hard work. After a few more days, Junior Martial Brother Gui will be able to recover.”

Once this was said, the other three also put away their spell flags. The pale beardless old man among them hastily returned the salute and chuckled, saying, “There is no need for Brother Hun to appear overly courteous. I’ve known Brother Gui for many years. Using a bit of my strength for him is only natural.”

The red-haired old man then took a brief glance at the Nascent Soul sitting cross-legged and sincerely said, “Regardless of how it is said, my Junior Martial Brother and I will always remember this kindness.”

The pale old man chuckled and said, “Don’t be so formal, Fellow Daoist Hun!”

The red-haired old man’s expression sank and he sullenly said, “That’s right. We’ve been trapped here since the very beginning to assist Immortal Gui over the loss of his Nascent Soul. We don’t yet know if there was more information on the foreign cultivator. We all know how incredibly rare it is for Gold Devouring Beetles to lay eggs. It is truly hard to believe there are others in this world capable of controlling over ten thousand of them. Since I was late to arrive, I didn’t join the battle to trap the foreign cultivator. He must’ve been fearsome since he took down three Nascent Soul stage Immortals.”

When he said this, the other three exchanged a glance and revealed faint dread on their faces.

The pale old man sighed and said, “How could there be such a fearsome person? In addition to his Gold Devouring Beetles, he can also release purple flames and golden lightning. Of the first group of Nascent Soul Immortals to block his path, there were two who perished as a result of these two techniques. The golden lightning trapped one of the Immortal’s Nascent Soul and the purp

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