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“How about it? Do you have any certainty of restraining King Glorious Blaze’s incarnations? If they manage to escape, we’ll end up scaring them all away.” One of the two figures sent a voice transmission to the other, speaking with a sharp voice.

The other figure snorted and gloomily said, “King Glorious Blaze’s so-called incarnations are created from soul mending techniques, forcefully refining them until they are obedient puppets. Their intelligence is greatly reduced as a result. Although they possess Nascent Soul cultivation, they are easily handled by cultivators of equivalent strength. It won’t be difficult to take them on together. But now that the old devil is releasing his own incarnations by themselves, it will benefit us greatly. Killing them would be the same as cutting off his arms.” The voice was deep and low.

“Brother Heavenwind’s words are very sensible,” the sharp voice said, “However, I am quite curious about the person those incarnations are chasing. It was enough to make the old devil send men away from the tomb at a crucial moment and lose sight of his objective.”

“Who knows? Regardless of who it is, they have no influence over our plans. King Glorious Blaze’s cultivation will greatly decrease when he leaves his tomb. This is an extremely rare opportunity. That old devil is extremely sly and never leaves his tomb for more than a moment at a time. If it wasn’t for the trap I set, I fear we wouldn’t have any opportunities in the slightest. After all, his abilities are no lesser than a late-Nascent Soul cultivator while he is in his tomb.”

The sharp voice sinisterly chuckled and said, “If KingDevil Glorious Blaze knew that we have already leaked this plan to the other two noble clans, I wonder what expression he would make. The clans have already invited their sect backers and are waiting for him to take the bait. Besides, even if he manages to escape them through a fluke, we’ll be waiting outside his tomb. It will be impossible for him to escape.”

“That’s right. Us brothers schemed over ten years for this plot. Furthermore, ever since we laid out the trap, we’ve always been outside, keeping an eye on his actions and allowing us to move at an opportune time. With him gone, his beloved concubine and his child won’t be able to stand against us three. Then, the treasures he’s accumulated for countless years and the thousands of corpse soldiers inside the tomb will be ours. And I’ve heard that his Heavenly Corpse Body will soon be completed. From his cautious nature, the Heavenly Corpse Pearl for the body should be hidden somewhere in the tomb. So long as we can find it and rid it of his soul, we can also make use of the body to cultivate body hardening and strengthening techniques. It is the ideal treasure for that type of cultivation.” The deep voice of ‘Brother Heavenwind’ spoke with a greedy tone.

The sharp voice said, “Hehe! My cultivation technique doesn’t emphasize cultivating body strengthening tech

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