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With a large clap, the silver threads struck the ice wall and created a dense grouping of holes. It nearly appeared as if the ice wall was on the verge of collapsing from the damage.

When Han Li saw this, he raised his hand and struck the ice wall with a spell seal.

Purple light flowed across the ice wall and released an astonishing glacial Qi. Not only did was the damage from the silver threads repaired, but the wall condensed another layer of thick purple ice around it, quickly turning it even more difficult to destroy. In addition, the glacial Qi turned into purple flames in the blink of an eye and spread across the silver threads towards the embroidered scarf magic treasure. It appeared almost as if thin purple snakes were fiercely pouncing towards it.

With an expression changed from shock, the Saintess thought, ‘What is this vicious technique?’

Despite her surprise, her actions didn’t slow in the slightest. She held her hands in an incantation gesture and then gracefully pointed at the embroidered scarf floating in the air. The portrait of the silver silkworm opened its mouth once more and spat out a puff of white flame. It traveled along the silver threads and rush towards the purple flames to meet their attack.

Both of the flames quickly struck each other on the silver threads and the purple-white flames weaved together, and after a short moment, the purple flames massively overtook the white flames and quickly gained ground.

When the Saintess saw this, she unconsciously frowned and spoke a few words in an ancient language. Suddenly, the Soaring Sky Beast let out a low roar from underneath her and spat a stream of azure flames to merge with the white flames. Joined together, the azure-white flames were able to block the purple ice flames for the time being.

In the gap of delay, the Saintess waved her hand and summoned an octagonal metal pendant into her grasp before tossing it into the air. The metal pendant then instantly transformed into a huge bagua diagram

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