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Han Li muttered to himself as he looked down at the corpse of the burly youth that was originally in possession of the Snow Crystal Pearl. He had wished to save the youth and ask about the Great Jin, but from his black-purple complexion, it appeared he committed suicide with poison.

Knowing this calamity would be difficult to escape from, he swallowed a fierce poison before the battle. In case he was captured, he wouldn’t have any fear of having his soul being refined, but given how fast his soul dissipated, it seemed he had done something else as well.

Han Li shook his head, feeling at a loss of whether he should laugh or cry. What a shock it would’ve been if he had somehow found out that Han Li would’ve saved him after he arrived in the afterlife. Regardless, Han Li had no relationship to his person and didn’t feel particularly strongly over the matter. Then, he flicked a small fireball at the youth’s corpse, turning it into ash without much further thought.

A moment later, the cloud of devilish Qi returned. Han Li’s second Nascent Soul waved the small black flag in its hand and absorbed all of the devilish Qi into it. Then it flew a circle above Han Li before disappearing into the top of his head.

He then looked around and saw the Soaring Tribes mortals looking at him with fear.

“Let’s not stay here any longer. Follow me. You still need to tell me the location of the secret cave before you die.” Han Li spoke at one of the carriages.

Feng Yue slowly emerged from the carriage with his head wearing a cloak. Then with a voice faintly carrying a trace of excitement, he said, “So you were actually an elder of the Yin Sifting Sect. It was no wonder you were able to easily kill that traitor Feng Zhen and possessed a medicine as rare as the Vast Essence Pill.”

“A Yin Sifting Sect Elder? I’ll speak of the matter later. Let’s go.” Han Li coldly chuckled and then took to the sky on a flying sword.

Feng Yue hesitated for a moment before closely following after him. Two streaks lit the sky and slowly departed into the distance.

At that moment, the Soaring Tribe mortals finally gathered the courage to reform their caravan. When their leaders met face to face, they wore a bitter expression. All of the Immortals they hired were either dead or gone. They were still confused over what had happened to them.

Over the next few days, the matter was eventually made known. Although the cultivators were low grade, their deaths were still significant, particularly because it involved cultivators of the Great Jin.

The cultivators of a few temples immediately responded after hearing of the news. After a bit of investigation, they recognized the killer of the Great Jin cultivators was that same foreign cultivator that had slain several of their Immortals. From what the mortals saw and given the cultivators who perished were from the Great Jin, the identity of this foreign cultivator was made known to be an elder of one of the T

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