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Not long after Han Li activated the Brightsight Spirit Eyes, his expression began to stir as if having discovered something. He raised his finger to the Heavenvoid Cauldron and released several thin threads of azure spiritual Qi that soon disappeared from sight.

In a flicker of blue light, the ice flames began to surge around the cauldron, causing it to expand from its original size of several inches to three meters wide. Clear carvings of landscapes, animals and other aspects of gentle nature could be seen on its surface.

When Han Li saw this sudden transformation, he calmly stood up and beckoned to it, having it move a meter in front of him as it floated in the air.

After examining it a moment more, Han Li passed his hand through the icy flames and pressed it against the cauldron. As a result, the icy flames surged and swept up into a tornado around it. Followed by the sound of dragon cries, a three-meter-long flood dragon of blue flames emerged from the tornado. It shook itself with delight before suddenly disappearing into the cauldron.

At that same moment, the cauldron’s faint copper exterior instantly turned blue. The various animals on its exterior suddenly began to shine with light and seemed to come to life, roaming across its surface in an incredible display.

Han Li was unphased by the sight of this and quickly pierced the cauldron with several azure threads from his palm, pouring in an unending stream of spiritual power. When a large quantity of spiritual power was absorbed, the cauldron began to hum.

As Han Li gazed at the cauldron, blue ancient characters began to appear and float across on the cauldron’s surface, and in a flicker of light, they began to gather three meters in the air to form a strange spell scripture. Han Li raised his head to look at it and unconsciously slowed the infusion of spiritual Qi into the cauldron, causing the characters to suddenly dim before disappearing. In his alarm, he hastily resumed the flow of spiritual Qi, causing the scripture to appear once more in a faint blue light.

The scriptures weren’t long and only reached about a thousand characters in length. When Han Li read through it, his face initially revealed happiness but his smile soon turned bitter. The scripture was easy enough to understand; it was the method to control the Heavenvoid Cauldron.

The scripture clearly stated that there were two conditions to control the cauldron. The first would be to refine the Celestial Ice Flames. The second condition was a kind of ancient technique known as the Artifact Imprint Techniques.

These techniques were established to control Divine Spirit Treasures and other equivalent treasures. Each and every Divine Spirit Treasure passed down from antiquity has their own specific Artifact Imprint Technique. These specific techniques were incapable of being exchanged between their respective treasures as each one had their own characteristics and abilities.

As a result, t

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