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“Of course. I have no interest in your other affairs. Although we’ve come to an agreement, let us head somewhere more discrete. This place is too open.” Han Li smiled and waved his sleeve at Feng Yue without waiting for him to agree.

A gust of azure light blew around Feng Yue and caught him just as he was about to fall. Then with the azure light wrapping around his waist, he began to float off the ground. Although Han Li’s cultivation was sealed, he still possessed his superb control of magic power, something far beyond the capability of an ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivator.

At that moment, his second Nascent Soul emerged from the forest and reappeared in front of Han Li with a tri-pointed stake in one hand and the purple-robed old man’s primal soul in the other.

Han Li glanced at the old man’s primal soul and emotionlessly said, “There is no use for him. Kill him.”

When the second Nascent Soul heard Han Li, it grinned and firmly held onto the primal soul before emitting a black-green flame from its small hand. The green ball trembled for a short moment before turning into ash.

At that moment, Han Li flicked his finger and an egg-sized fireball struck the old man’s crushed remains, giving them a blazing cremation.

Soon after, Han Li waved at the ground and the old man’s storage pouch and small fire-red sword flew into his hand. Then after tidying up the rest of the traces of what had happened nearby, Han Li brought Feng Yue to the sky before dropping down to the field of rocks where he had set up his temporary shelter.

Now that his cultivation was restricted, he had no choice but to be careful.

Additionally, Han Li felt particularly gloomy about how he wasn’t able to employ his immensely powerful spiritual sense. It was on the level of a late-Nascent Soul cultivator but he took the initiative to conceal most of it. If a Grand Elder of the Soaring Tribes or any of their Nascent Soul cultivators with strengthened spiritual sense were to detect him, it would be a sure death sentence. As a result, he had pulled back his spiritual sense to only cover the nearby area, preventing any roaming high-grade Soaring Tribes cultivators from noticing it.

When Han Li was caught nurturing his Gold Devouring Beetles, he had been resting a portion of his spiritual sense at the time and had grown careless. Then as it so happened, a mid-Nascent Soul Soaring Tribes cultivator was pursuing a demon bird at a speed comparable to a late-Nascent Soul cultivator about ten kilometers away. Even if Han Li had been on guard at the time, he wouldn’t have been able to put away his Gold Devouring Beetles in time and would’ve encountered disaster regardless.

He was truly out of luck for a mid-Nascent Soul cultivator skilled in movement techniques to come across him in a place as vast as the Endless Sky Plains. And he was convinced that if both sides understood each other's abilities, a battle wouldn’t have broken out between the

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