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“Of course I have no objections in letting Senior examine the Heavenvoid Cauldron once I recover.” Han Li calmly replied.

“Good!” Monarch Soul Divergence said with a relaxed tone, “Since you’ve agreed, the matter is done. As for any nearby cultivators, there is only one on board this ship, a girl at the third layer of Qi Condensation. You don’t need to pay her much mind.”

‘The third layer of Qi Condensation?’ Han Li felt somewhat surprised and then he opened his eyes.

Han Li looked to the side of the bed and saw a girl of only fifteen years of age. When she saw Han Li open his eyes, she joyfully shouted out, “Yi! Old scholar, he’s awake!” The girl was quite adorable with wide bright eyes and fair skin.

“Yes, I can clearly see.” Sitting in a chair at the girl’s side sat a grey-robed old man. He appeared around the age of sixty and had a kind face. He was examining Han Li with a calm expression.

“Old scholar, look after him. I will go and inform the Young Miss!” Before Han Li could say anything, the girl quickly chattered to the old man and quickly ran off.

Han Li was stunned by the sight of this, but the old man simply chuckled as he shook his head. He kindly smiled at Han Li and said, “I hope you don’t take offense at the girl’s temperament.”

Han Li returned the smile and sat up, slowly saying, “I don’t dare to. Are you the two who saved me? Where is this place? I...”

“We’re on a boat in the Mystic River. While your life laid uncertain inside the river, my clan’s Second Young Miss gave the order to save you. As for me, I am He Wen, a scholar that the Clan's Mistress hired.”

Han Li cupped his fist and said, “So it was like that. My surname is Han and I will have to thank this Young Miss for saving my life.”

With a smile on his face, the old man curiously asked, “Our Young Miss certainly does have a compassionate heart, but it is hard to say whether or not she will see you. Will Mister Han say how he was sealed inside a block of ice and still lived? I am quite curious.”

“This...” Han Li hesitated for a moment before saying, “I don’t wish to deceive you sir, but it is inconvenient for me to say.”

“That’s fine. Everyone has their own difficulties.” The old man waved his hend in a kindly manner and let the matter go.

At that moment, the girl rushed back with a spring in her step and said, “Scholar, the Young Miss will have this man rest for the time being. She’ll leave the rest for later.” The girl then curiously examined Han Li.

When Han Li saw this, he smiled at her. As a result, the girl slightly blushed and lowered her head, thinking, ‘This person is a bit unremarkable. He is a bit lesser than the Young Miss’ past friends. Why is she treating him with such consideration?'

“Since its the Young Miss’ command, how about Sir Han rest for now? I'll be taking my leave.” The old man stood up and then walked out of the room.

Han Li naturally uttered another word of thanks before the old man

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