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“That person isn’t from the Soaring Tribes.”

“What? How does Master know this?” Han Li’s sudden statement came as a shock to Silvermoon.

“Take a look at this.” Han Li suddenly opened his hand and summoned a ball of blue light into it. It was the image of a jade pendant engraved with ancient characters.

“These are ancient characters from the Great Jin,” Silvermoon said, shocked.

“In fact, I reckon that nothing would’ve happened to him even if I didn’t act. The jade pendant Feng Yue carried on his body is a top grade magic tool. Every time the demon bird would draw close to him, it would automatically release a series of spirit waves to protect him.

He concealed it at his waist with only a meager layer of fabric, and I was able to clearly see it with my Brightsight Spirit Eyes. They most likely belong to a noble clan in the Great Jin.”

Silvermoon grew pensive and said, “That’s right. From ancient records, the ‘Feng of Ning’ was a noble clan that extensively made use of its grand name. It seems our Fellow Daoist Fēng should be Fellow Daoist Féng

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