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When Han Li heard this, he was completely shocked. The combined forces of three late Nascent Soul cultivators weren’t able to prevail over the Elder Devil in a short amount of time. It seemed the Elder Devil’s restored power was similar to a cultivator at the Deity Transformation stage.

“Was the devil killed in the battle?” Han Li calmly asked.

“This is unclear to us. There are those that said that the devil had used some inconceivable technique to escape the cultivators that besieged it, but since this Junior’s clan is limited in power, we weren’t able to find the truth of the matter. But either way, ever since that battle, no trace of the devil has been found in the Heavenly South. Perhaps it has perished in both body and soul.”

“Perished in body and soul?” Han Li stroked his chin, but after some thought, he felt doubtful of this.

If they had truly killed the devil, these grand cultivators definitely wouldn’t have concealed it. It was most likely something strange happened and they were trying to conceal the truth. However, given how odd the information was, it could be that the devil suffered heavy injuries in the battle and was forced to escape and recover, or that he escaped from the Heavenly South entirely.

After some thought, Han Li felt that this was possible. For the time being, since he wasn’t able to make a judgment on this matter now, he flung the matter to the back of his mind.

“Fellow Daoist Huang, has anything else happened since Devilfall Valley?”

With some thought, Huang Yuanming said, “There are a few things that have happened in the past few years, and while they can’t be compared to the matter of Devilfall Valley and the freed devil, they are all worthy of attention. Not long after the devil disappeared, a strange whirlpool appeared in the Endless Sea that borders the State of Xi. The whirlpool released a large quantity of spiritual Qi and began to purify the nearby water. Additionally, seven small islands have emerged around the whirlpool. Each of these islands emits an astonishing spiritual Qi as a result of all of them possessing a rare top grade spirit vein. The Three Great Heavenly South Cultivators even conducted a meeting over the ownership of the island which involved many sects. Eventually, the small islands were divided amongst seven large sects. The whirlpool was reported to be unmeasurably deep. There were many cultivators that thought to investigate it, but they found the pressure of the whirlpool to be too strong. I heard that Master Sunreach of the Three Great Heavenly South Cultivators attempted to investigate it as well, but after sinking ten kilometers deep, he wasn’t able to further endure the pressure and had to return.”

“A great whirlpool? Something like that appeared?” Han Li revealed surprise and spoke with astonishment.

“How could this Junior dare to deceive you? News of this spread several years ago. If Senior were to ask any others, I’m sure he’ll know it to be tr

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