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The woman’s voice lingered in hesitation before letting out a sigh and saying, “Several years ago while your majesty slept, the prince had sent his incarnation to the surface, intending on drawing the power of moonlight in order to refine the treasure. But just as he was about to conduct the master recognition ceremony, a group of mortals suddenly intruded from the outside. Because the prince was absorbing the power of moonlight, a majority of the palace’s restrictions remained dormant. As a result, the cultivators went as far as to intruding upon the prince’s main room. Helpless, the prince could only temporarily halt the ceremony and activate the corpse puppets to help dispose of the cultivators. However, one of them was rather clever and had seen through the prince’s identity as a corpse monarch and immediately pleaded to be placed under any restriction in exchange for his life. The prince saw some potential in taking him in and placed him under the restriction.”

“And what does this have to do with the vajra relic?” The middle-aged man’s voice asked impatiently.

“Please calm yourself, your majesty,” the woman hurriedly explained, “The point is that the old man gave the prince an idea. The old man said that he would be able to easily collect the primal souls of cultivators from the outside world. There would be no need for us to go through the effort of looking for them ourselves.”

“Oh? Tell me how he would do this!” The middle-aged man’s voice said with a curious tone.

“It’s quite simple. That person mentioned that the prince should hand over a rare strange treasure over to him and hide a strand of spiritual sense inside of it. Afterwards, he would sell the item to lone vagrant cultivators and lure them to take the initiative to find the prince’s tomb.

Naturally, this would be leading them to their own demise, but in case they don’t go to the tomb, the prince’s thread of spiritual sense will find an opportunity to activate the hidden restrictions on the treasure, exterminating the person who is holding it and trapping their soul in the treasure before being brought back to the tomb. However, the treasure must be rarely ever seen and we would have to completely conceal any trace of the prince’s spiritual sense thread or the corpse flame it contains, or else it would be all for nothing.”

The middle-aged man coldly interrupted, “There is no need to continue. Surely the prince handed over the vajra relic over to this old man before the treasure was refined to recognize the prince as its master. It is only with the relic’s Buddhist nature that the prince was able to conceal the corpse Qi.”

“That’s right, it is truly as your majesty thinks. Because once the prince is recognized as its master, the vajra relic would no longer be able to conceal the corpse Qi and given the large number of cultivator souls that the prince currently requires, he took the risk and handed it over. However, I intentionally instructed the old ma

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