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Devil Concord snorted and coldly said, “Why is Fellow Daoist Wei asking when you already know the answer? Don’t tell me you don’t fear what he could become? Since he’s already entered mid-Nascent Soul stage at such a young age and possesses such mighty abilities, by the time he reaches late-Nascent Soul stage we will no longer have our current standing in the Heavenly South.”

Wei Wuya glanced at Devil Concord and mysteriously smiled. “Hehe! My point of view is a bit different from yours.”

“So you’re of a different opinion? You may as well say it. Could it be you have the confidence to suppress him after he reaches late-Nascent Soul stage?”

“Suppress? Why would I want to do that? I am the oldest of the three great cultivators of the Heavenly South. I only have over a hundred years more to live before I perish. Even if he were the reincarnation of a true immortal, he wouldn’t be able to reach late Nascent Soul stage in a hundred years. And even if that’s the case and he suppresses the entirely Heavenly South, what does that have to do with me?”

After hearing this, Devil Concord said, “Brother Wei is willing to allow one person to forcibly wrest away the power you took such effort and care to obtain? If you were to make an alliance with me, I may even make a few concessions to you.”

“I’m not interested,” Wei Wuya bluntly responded with a smile, “Doesn’t Brother Concord feel that it is a bit too late to take action? I might be tempted if you made this offer while he was at early-Nascent Soul stage, but now, his abilities are no weaker than ours despite not being at the same stage as us. I have no interest in making an enemy of a cultivator on the same level as my own, neither do I wish to doom my sect to disaster. Brother Concord had best remember that existences on our level are very difficult to extinguish. Even with an ambush and assistance, it still won't be enough. Of course, if you were able to create an entrapment similar to what we used to deal with the Elder Devil, that would be a different story.”

Wei Wuya then added on, “But from the way I see it, you should avoid doing any underhanded tricks and provoking his wrath. After all, this person could potentially unify the Heavenly South in the future. Don’t forget the mighty Deity Transformation stage cultivators that had unified the Heavenly South in the past.”

When Devil Concord heard him, he sank into thought and said nothing else.

Meanwhile, Han Li and Master Sunreach delved about ten kilometers deep into the whirlpool. Under the heavy pressure of the spiritual Qi, the two were unable to quickly fly to the bottom and could only slowly descend.

Han Li already took out his Bluelight Shield and had it cover his body in a layer of blue light. At that moment, over thirty streaks of golden light began to quickly swirl around his body, taking him even deeper into the whirlpool.

As for Master Sunreach, he delved down with ease. By depending on a single whi

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