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The Monarch of Soul Divergence yelped in alarm, “Yi! That seems to be a Dream Prominence Fruit. It’s already turned a deep purple. It should have medicinal properties over ten thousand years in age at the very least.”

Forcing down the excitement in his heart, Han Li said with a calm tone, “It is unknown just how long this abandoned medicinal garden has existed. It would be odd if its potency wasn’t at least ten thousand years of age!” He didn’t immediately pick any of the fruit. Instead, he observed them for a long while before turning around to examine another corner of the garden.

“Dragonweave Grass! Wind Spirit Flowers!” As Han Li muttered the names of these long extinct spirit medicines of immense potency, his eyes shined with increasing excitement.

“I’m surprised you’re so familiar with medicinal herbs. There were even some I hadn’t heard off.” Monarch Soul Divergence said with a surprised tone.

Han Li raised his head to look at another direction and smiled, saying, “Could it be that Senior is teasing me? I am only able to recognize a third of the plants here. I will be needing your help to identify most of them.”

Perhaps believing this to only be a trivial matter, Monarch Soul Divergence didn’t press Han Li too hard. Rather, he coldly snorted and said, “Although I’ve touched upon the topic of pill refinement, I haven’t delved too deeply into it so I will only be able to help you identify them. That over there is...”

Han Li nodded as he listened. Then he summoned a faint green jade slip into his hand and immersed his spiritual sense into it, staying still as if probing it.

Monarch Soul Divergence tactfully kept silent as Han Li did this. After the time it took to finish a meal, Han Li withdrew his spiritual sense from the jade slip, wearing a pensive expression.

This jade slip was given to Han Li by the Drifting Cloud Sect’s Cultivator Song and recorded many ancient spirit medicines and pill formulas. He was relying on it to recognize many of the spirit medicines in the garden.

After Han Li looked through it, he spotted two ancient pill formulas that he was able to immediately refine. It used a few of the ancient spirit herbs that he had found inside the garden along with a few of the materials he had received in exchange for the copper lantern from the battle at the border. With these ingredients, he barely had enough materials to create the so-called Fuchsia Cloud Pill.

According to the pill formula, it was a cultivation progression pill that was rare even in times of antiquity. Its medicinal power was excessive for an early Nascent Soul cultivator like Han and was more appropriate for a mid Nascent Soul cultivator. If Han Li were to take it, a portion of its medicinal strength would be wasted and his meridians would swell until they tore, arousing intense pain.

There was also another pill by the name of the Snow Soul Pill that he had high hopes for refining. However, he was still missing a few

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