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Han Li pondered to himself for a moment before calmly saying, “It’s nothing. It won’t be too late to mention it in the future. Since there is an extensive gathering here, I’ll take a look at there first.”

After the two white-robed youths glanced at one another, the shorter youth smiled and said, “That’s good. Let us lead the way, Senior.”

Soon after, each of them took out a disk magic tool and tossed them into the air before leaping onto them. When Han Li saw this, he tossed a sparkling flying sword and appeared on top of it in a blur.

Having seen the sword, the shorter youth revealed an expression of admiration and said, “Senior’s magic tool is a high-grade flying sword. You must be an inner disciple of a large sect, right? There is no way a master or sect would give a magic tool of that quality to a low-grade disciple.”

Han Li chuckled and answered, “My sect has a rule where we’re not allowed to reveal the identity of our affiliation while we’re on a journey. I hope you two Fellow Daoists will refrain from asking these questions.”

The two youths felt somewhat embarrassed, but now they felt even more certain that Han Li was a disciple from a large sect and their expressions grew even more respectful.

The three cultivators then headed south of the village on their magic tools.

The Snowmound Mountain wasn’t very far away from the village. As they flew towards it, they could faintly see a line of black mountaintops in the distance. It was more appropriate to call it a mountain range than a mountain. The mountain range spanned over five hundred kilometers and was one of the several great mountain ranges in the Liao Province. Additionally, it was reportedly said that there were demons and ghosts lurking deep into the mountain. Let alone mortals, even lower grade cultivators would occasionally disappear in the mountains.

The friends and sect of the cultivators who disappeared formed search parties and scour through half the mountain range only to find no sign of them. After this, more cultivators would disappeared regardless.

Fortunately, disappearances only rarely happened and most of those that disappeared were low-grade cultivators native to the Liao Province. As a result of these repeated incidents, few cultivators ever tread too deeply into the mountains and the disappearances slowly stopped as well.

Of course, the Grand Assembly that was hosted by the three great clans of Guanning wasn’t being held deep into the mountain range. It was located at a town on the top of a lofty mountain at its edge.

When they eventually arrived, Han Li saw beautiful towering buildings erected on top of this mountain. His eyes flickered and he was able to see that the mountain was newly constructed. He couldn’t help but wear a pensive expression at the sight.

“Senior, we’ve arrived,” the taller youth pointed at the town down below and said, “All of the Foundation Establishment cultivators that arrive are given their o

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