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“What other Ning is there? It is the Guan Ning Prefecture’s Feng Clan of course. It can be considered a significant faction.” Feng Yue answered.

“The Guan Ning Prefecture? The province capital?” Han Li narrowed his eyes.

“There are many prefectures with the name Guan Ning, but the Feng Clan of Ning resides only in the Liao Province.” Feng Yue replied with an odd expression. He appeared somewhat baffled by Han Li’s questions.

Han Li carelessly nodded and didn’t further ask about the Feng Clan. He instead pointed to the jade pendant and asked, “How did you acquire that item? What are its origins?”

“This pendant was passed down from my father. It is a token of the Feng Clan. Why do you ask?” Feng Yue said with surprise.

Han Li glanced at the youth and doubtfully asked, “A token? Could it be all disciples of the Feng Clan possess a top grade magic tool as a token?”

“Of course not,” Feng Yue shook his head, “There are only four such tokens in the entire Feng Clan.”

“From that, it seems your standing in the Feng Clan is quite high.”

“I am the eldest son of the Feng Clan. If nothing unexpected happened, I should’ve become the head of the Feng Clan in several tens of years.” Feng Yue curled his lips and a trace of pain appeared on his face.

When Han Li heard this, he wasn’t surprised. For such great problems to happen to him, it seems that something happened to the Feng Clan. However, this had nothing to do with Han Li. Instead, he stared at Feng Yue and uttered the most pressing question on his mind, “What relationship does your Feng Clan have with the Buddhist sects of the Great Jin? Don’t say you don’t know anything about it. That token of yours possesses a deep Buddhist spiritual light.”

Feng Yue blankly stared for a moment and openly answered, “The Buddhist sects do have a relationship with our Feng Clan. One of our ancestor was a layman disciple of the Guan Ning’s Thousand Light Temple, a branch of the grand Gold Sifting Sect. Our Feng Clan originally cultivated a Buddhist technique, but ever since the Thousand Light Temple moved away from the Liao Province several hundred years ago, we changed our cultivation art to a Confucian one.”

When Han Li heard this, he rejoiced. Although he didn’t know about the Thousand Light Temple, he had heard of the Gold Sifting Sect. It was one of the four great sects of the Great Jin. It seems the Feng Clan had genuinely cultivated Buddhist techniques in the past.

“Do you know any of these Buddhist techniques?” Han Li asked.

After a moment of hesitation, Feng Yue replied, “I didn’t wish to cultivate Buddhist techniques, so I don’t know any of the incantations. However, our Feng Clan have preserved some of these techniques.” He was astonished that this mysterious character had his eyes set on these Buddhist techniques.

While Buddhist techniques were extremely powerful when cultivated to their late stages, their cultivation speed was pathetically slow. Even in

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