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When Han Li saw these cultivators, he could tell that the old man with the radiant eyes was most likely Eccentric Jin. After all, he was the only one amongst them that was at mid-Nascent Soul stage, and near its peak nonetheless.

When the tangle-haired old man entered the hall, he swept his gaze past the other before focusing on Han Li with a trace of surprise betraying from his face.

Wearing an odd expression, the tangle-haired old man slowly said, “So you must be Fellow Daoist Han! I’ve long heard of your grand reputation, but weren’t you supposed to be an early Nascent Soul cultivator? How could you advance an entire cultivation level so quickly?”

Han Li stood up to salute him and said, “So you must be Brother Jin. I must’ve given you quite a surprise. I’ve only entered mid-Nascent Soul stage recently.”

When Eccentric Jin heard him, his heart dropped. After a moment of silence, he wryly smiled and said, “As soon as I emerged from seclusion, I heard that Fellow Daoist Han possessed many inconceivable abilities. Although the rumors were somewhat exaggerated, they don’t appear too far off.”

Han Li smiled, but before he could say something else, Senior Martial Brother Cheng stood up and chuckled. He said with a cordial tone, “Fellow Daoist Jin, you’ve been staring at Han Li as soon as you’ve arrived. Why don’t you sit down and have a proper chat with us?”

Eccentric Jin laughed and wore a false grin, saying, “I hope Fellow Daoist Cheng doesn’t take offense; I had no interest in seeing you. I’ve only come because I was curious about the illustrious reputation of your Junior Martial Brother Han.”

“Is that so?” Senior Martial Brother Cheng asked with a beaming smile. “Now that you’ve seen Junior Martial Brother Han, I’m sure you aren’t disappointed.”

Eccentric Jin looked at Senior Martial Brother Cheng with a cold smile and laughed. “Of course I’m not disappointed. Rather, he even exceeded my expectations. With Fellow Daoist Han, the Drifting Cloud Sect will rise in prominence. However, I also heard that Brother Han wasn’t truly a disciple that had emerged from your sect. Rather, he originated from Yellow Maple Valley!”

“Even if Junior Martial Brother Han was once related to Yellow Maple Valley, why does that matter? He is now an elder of our Drifting Cloud Sect.” Senior Martial Brother Cheng calmly stated.

Eccentric Jin rolled his eyes when he heard this, but was interrupted by Old Man Feng before he could continue, “Fellow Daoists, let’s not be too focused on conversation. Our Hundred Possibilities Pavilion has acquired some spirit fruit with a pleasant scent. Please try them.” With that said, he clapped his hand and a group of young female disciples waiting outside walked inside with trays of oval scarlet spirit fruits.

When this happened, Eccentric Jin and Senior Martial Brother Cheng sat down, not daring to slight their host.

Once the female disciples finished laying out the fruit, Old Man Feng sa

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