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The blue-robed cultivator turned pale with fright and hastily commanded his flying magic tool to shoot back in order to avoid the two Simian Vultures’ attacks. He had clearly underestimated them. As grade two demon beasts, the vultures were bound to possess some ability.

Before the two vultures fully descended, they released a piercing shriek. When the blue-robed cultivator heard this, he felt both his body and mind shaking as if he were struck by a hammer and swayed several times. Then, a wind carrying a fishy scent blew down above him and the blue-robed cultivator yelled in fear, his complexion turning completely pale.

At that moment, two muffled booms sounded out. Two fist-sized fireballs had shot out and struck the two incoming vultures. Red light shined from the explosions and raging flames enveloped them, heating up the nearby air with its blistering temperature.

The Simian Vultures’ howls came to a sudden stop.

The blue-robed cultivator was delighted at having just escaped death. He then quickly commanded the magic tool to return to him and shot forty meters away before taking out a talisman and slapping it on his body.

With a yellow light barrier appearing on his body, the blue-robed cultivator felt safer, now realizing that spell techniques were different in practice and reality. His inexperience had nearly resulted in his death.

With that thought, he couldn’t help but look downward with surprise to see Han Li, who was also wearing an azure cloak. Of course, the blue-robed cultivator knew it was he who saved his life.

The fireballs that Han Li released with his Foundation Establishment cultivation weren’t enough to slay the grade-two demon beasts. The two Simian Vultures shortly flew out of the flames with an even more grotesque appearance.

The vultures had most of their features burned away and no longer paid the blue-robed cultivator any attention as they were now flying in Han Li’s direction. As for the vulture with its claw chopped off, it was now rushing towards the blue-robed cultivator with scarlet eyes.

Han Li looked at the two huge birds and unconsciously wrinkled his brow. He then slapped one of the pouches at his waist and released two streaks of white light, each of them containing a half-foot-long snow-white centipede.

The two centipedes were far smaller than the Simian Vultures, but they appeared to buzz with excitement as if holding no fear of them.

As soon as the centipedes were summoned, they rushed to meet the vultures head on, but the vulture’s ape heads contorted in fear and hurriedly flapped their wings to stop their charge. After smelling the insects with their nostrils, they even attempted to flee in fear.

The scent of ancient exotic insects wasn’t something that low-grade demon beasts dared to approach.

However, the two centipedes possessed no intent to allow them to run free. They released a monstrous screech and opened their mouths, spitting out white glacial

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