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With a soft shout, Han Li’s light barrier doubled in size and a streak of white light flew out from his sleeve. It circled around him and turned into a small white fox.

“Since time is limited, let’s split up to find the Devil Essence Diamonds.” Han Li quickly spoke and tossed a ball of golden lightning towards the small fox. With a ring of thunder, the ball of lightning wrapped around the fox in a net.

“Keep in mind that the lightning will not last long!” Han Li solemnly warned, “Once it shows signs of weakening, immediately return and then we’ll head back up.”

“Yes, Master,” Silvermoon replied in her usual bright voice, “However, I do not know what Devil Essence Diamonds look like.”

Before Han Li could reply, Monarch Soul Divergence answered, “Devil Essence Diamonds are pitch-black gems that contain astonishing devilish Qi. They will be easily recognized.”

“That will do then. I’m heading off.” Silvermoon nodded and her fox body flashed with silver light before disappearing into the ground.

Han Li didn’t remain still either. With a wave of the jade scepter, a layer of yellow light appeared around his light barrier and he sank into the floor without a trace. For a time, no one could be seen above ground.

Time slowly passed by and the platform was completely quiet, but was now shrouded in pitch-black devilish Qi. The endless darkness resembled what one would imagine of the underworld.

Not long after, golden light flashed as Han Li emerged from the ground. He looked around him and a trace of worry appeared on his face when he saw that Silvermoon wasn’t there.

Then, he turned his attention to his hand and relaxed his grasp, revealing an exquisite pitch-black gem. It appeared to be the size of his thumb.

Monarch Soul Divergence chuckled and said, “As I expected, there are truly Devil Essence Diamonds here. Your luck is quite good. This was an item that ancient Devil Dao cultivators could only dream of. It was incredibly rare even during times of antiquity.”

“Is that so? This item is so precious?” Han Li took a closer look at the gem and narrowed his eyes to examine it.

The gem didn’t shine with even the slightest light. Instead, its serene darkness gave a bewildering sensation to Han Li as if his consciousness was being sucked inside it. Han Li felt his heart tremble and quickly withdrew his gaze, not daring to look any longer.

At that moment, silver light shined from underneath him. A silver fox wrapped in faint golden light shot out from the ground and quickly entered Han Li’s light barrier.

“If you took any longer, I was going to personally come and find you! I expected that you would’ve returned earlier than I did. Could it be that you found something?” With a wave of his hand, he swept up the small fox into his arm.

Without saying a word, Silvermoon spat out three pitch-black gems, undoubtedly Devil Essence Diamonds.

“Good, good.” Delight appeared on Han Li’s face and Silvermoon ga

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