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Han Li brought the large man to an unremarkable room in the building and laid him on the floor. His body was covered in blue frost, and his eyes were open wide and filled with terror.

Han Li then summoned a silver needle in between his fingers with a wave of his hand and stooped down, quickly stabbing the needle several times into the large man’s head. The man trembled as a result and turned completely lax.

Han Li formed a hand gesture and softly muttered an incantation before striking the man’s body with several spell seals. The frost immediately disappeared from the man’s body and he sat up with blank eyes and stiffly crossed his legs, to then wait motionlessly like a puppet.

With azure light covering his face, Han Li waved his sleeve, releasing several various colored spell flags around him. They surrounded the two, creating a Qi concealing spell formation. After activating the formation, his body blurred and reappeared behind the large man.

He raised his hand and pressed it against the top of the large man’s head. At that moment, light brightly glowed from Han Li’s body and enveloped the man.

“What is your name and what is your position in the Kong Clan?” Han Li’s cold and emotionless voice echoed from the light.

The large man listlessly replied, “I am Kong Dou. I am the chief of external affairs.”

“Since when did the Kong Clan occupy Falcon Cloud Village? Where did the original residents go?”

“Seven years ago, the original residences were all relocated to a town by the name of Snowriver.”

“What is the purpose of the Kong Clan’s Grand Assembly?”

“That is...”

After a string of questions, Han Li extracted most of the information he wanted. At the end, he released his grip on the large man and the man immediately fell to the ground. Han Li then took out a medicine pill and forced him to swallow it before striking all the acupoints on the man’s body with a silver needle.

A while later, Han Li stood up and muttered, “With the Worryfree Needle, his recent memories should be sealed. He won’t immediately stir any trouble. It is a pity I can’t make use of the Dreamtear Technique because of my lacking cultivation and save myself all this trouble.”

Han Li shook his hand and then withdrew the spell flags before walking out of the building. Afterwards, he directly made his way to the village’s exit, having completely lost his interest in further participating in the Grand Assembly.

There were quite a few cultivators that were already leaving. As a result, Han Li hadn’t attracted any attention from the guards at the entrance.

In a streak of azure light, he made his way to the small town that the large man had mentioned.

The small town wasn’t very far away from the Snowmound Mountains. Soon, he faintly saw Snowriver Town over the horizon. It was about four times larger than Falcon Cloud Village, but it still barely qualified as a town. When he entered, it was already late and the sky was dark

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