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In the moment the spatial tear had engulfed him, Han Li was blinded by brilliant rainbow light and was forced to shut his eyes. Additionally, the sudden loss of magic power in his body had left him lightheaded and feeling extremely ill. If it wasn’t for his flood dragon transformation, he believed he would've already been knocked unconscious.

Han Li suddenly felt the spiritual power in his body stir once more and his magic power was suddenly restored. With delight, spiritual light glowed from his body and he regained control, stabilizing himself. At that time, the nearby rainbow light intensely flickered several more times before disappearing and revealing his surroundings.

Han Li swept his gaze around and his body instantly blurred, flying over thirty meters away. He had spotted the Elder Devil right next to him, causing him to jump away in fear.

At that moment, Han Li was aware of the current situation without any need for examination. The spatial dimension they were located in was only about a hundred meters wide and everything within was clear to see. Much to Han Li’s disappointment, there were no others present apart from him and the Elder Devil.

In the instant he moved, he suddenly discovered that the spiritual Qi in the air was incredibly dense. There were also a few spiritual herbs and medicines growing around them as well as a stone pavilion with an incomplete corridor. The walls of the spatial dimension were of impenetrable grey mist.

The space he was currently in appeared to be an abandoned medicine garden.

Han Li was shocked, but as of current, he was facing a great enemy and his life was at risk. Needless to say, now was not the time to investigate his surroundings. Azure light flowing across his body, Han Li coldly watched the Elder Devil. He clenched his hands into fists and golden lightning began to flicker across his body. At the same time, a ball of purple flames appeared above him and began to revolve around his head.

The ball of Purple Apex Flames had hurriedly rushed into the spatial tear after Han Li was engulfed, much to his relief. It would almost certainly prove to be invaluable in the coming battle.

As for the Elder Devil, his faces revealed astonishment once he finished examining his surroundings. Then with a strange expression, he chuckled and said, “I didn’t think that there would be a spatial remnant of a Spirit Ether Garden. On the verge of calamity, I encountered great fortune!” The Elder Devil wildly howled and then stopped when his head strangely turned to look at Han Li.

Han Li coldly snorted and his sleeve trembled, shooting out several tens of golden flying swords out that transformed into a blur of swords in front of him. But much to his shock, he discovered that he was missing two of his Auric Essence refined Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords. These flying swords were bound to his soul, but at the moment, he couldn’t feel their presence. It appeared that the two swords had not en

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