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When the three girls saw that Han Li and the middle-aged man named Ma Yulin were about to fight, they all unconsciously took a step back and held their breaths.

In their point of view, a battle between two high-layer Qi Condensation cultivators was something rarely ever seen; but to Han Li, dealing with a Qi Condensation cultivator was hardly worth any interest. He simply stood in place with his hands behind his back as he waited for his opponent to attack.

Ma Yulin grew furious upon seeing Han Li’s careless attitude and raised the small pitchfork in his hand, muttering an incantation and forming a hand gesture with his free hand. Then after a moment, the small pitchfork trembled several times before releasing a flash of light as it shot towards Han Li in a yellow streak.

Han Li’s expression remained calm and showed no intention of using a magic tool. Instead, he raised his hand and released a dozen talismans, each of them combusting into a fist-sized fireball as they charged towards the yellow streak.

When Ma Yulin saw this, he inwardly sneered. The Yellow Wind Fork was a mid-grade magic tool that his master had personally given him. A few fireballs weren’t going to be able to block it.

Despite these thoughts, he wasn’t willing to meet the attack head-on and potentially damage his magic tool. He promptly formed an incantation gesture and had the yellow streak made a sudden turn and avoid the fireballs in an arc before streaking back to attack Han Li.

Han Li smiled and pointed at the fireballs. Suddenly, the fireballs came to a stop and condensed together to form a cloud of flame the size of a wheel. It promptly turned into a three-meter-long fire snake and shot towards the flying pitchfork, coiling around it and completely restraining it.

Ma Yulin was greatly shocked and hastily poured the entirety of his magic power into the magic tool in an attempt to break it free, but as a result, the pitchfork simply glowed with brilliant yellow light and became further tangled with the fire snake. As the struggle continued, the magic tool suddenly dimmed and released a series of hums, a clear omen of its destruction.

The middle-aged man saw that things were turning for the worse. Unwilling to have his magic tool destroyed, he quickly shouted out, “Stop! Fellow Daoist’s magic power is outstanding. I concede defeat!”

When Han Li heard this, he smiled and pointed at the fire snake, having it relax its grip before disappearing into embers of flame.

Han Li’s effortless battle against an opponent of seemingly higher cultivation came as a delightful surprise to the three women in the pavilion.

Wu Xiaoyu wore an unsightly expression when he saw this and hesitantly muttered, “Senior Martial Brother Ma, this...”

“Enough, Junior Martial Brother Wu!” Ma Yulin quickly interrupted, “You’ve clearly seen that I am no match against him even with my Yellow Wind Fork. The life of your nephew has been decided.”

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