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Han Li’s gaze wasn’t focused on the bat but the cultivators that were standing on top of it. Although they were quite some distance away, he was still able to clearly see them with his Brightsight Spirit Eyes.

The group of cultivators had four men and four women. The men wore embroidered robes, jade bands, and magnificent ornaments. As for the women, they wore golden belts, white robes, and were barefoot. From their attire, one could clearly tell they weren’t from the Soaring Tribes. All of them were at Foundation Establishment stage apart for the two Core Formation cultivators that were leading them. And much to his relief, it appeared they hadn’t come for him.

As these thoughts quickly flashed through Han Li’s mind, the twenty-meter-long bat flew above the caravan and wildly flapped its wings before stopping above it.

A windstorm suddenly assailed them, blowing several carriages over and scattering their contents out onto the ground. Many of the mortals present even fell to the ground.

In that moment, the Soaring Tribes cultivators were all deeply shocked by this display and looked at each other in dismay.

“Who is your leader? Come out and speak.” A forty-year-old man standing on top of the bat swept his eyes across the caravan and spoke coldly in the Soaring Tribes language. This person was one of the two Core Formation stage cultivators. The other Core Formation stage cultivator was a white-clothed woman that had a beautiful icy appearance.

When Ying Lu heard this, he felt his heart drop and immediately walked out in the front. But when he bowed and attempted to speak, he was interrupted by the middle-aged Core Formation cultivator with an annoyed expression, “I’m not talking about the mortals, but the cultivators.” The huge bat then waved one of its wings and shot out another gust of wind, blowing Ying Lu several steps back and nearly causing him to fall onto the ground.

When the Soaring Tribes cultivators saw this, they were filled with terror. It appeared these cultivators didn’t come with good intentions.

A moment later, they all looked in Han Li’s direction. After all, in the cultivation world, leadership defaulted to the one with the highest cultivation.

When Han Li saw this, he felt a wave of gloominess. However, he then discovered that Feng Yue and one other Soaring Tribes cultivator had yet to emerge from their carriages.

It was understandable why Feng Yue hadn’t emerged. After all, the proximity of his incoming death had left him on the edge of despair. He had nothing to fear from offending a high-grade cultivator. As for the other cultivator, he was the curious Soaring Tribe cultivator that only possessed a Foundation Establishment cultivation. It was quite questionable why he hadn’t emerged.

‘Could it be they came for him?’ Han Li pondered.

Helpless, Han Li could only step forward and ask, “May I ask what brings you two Seniors over here? If you wish to find someone, something, or

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