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Gui Ling grasped at the huge silver axe in her hand and summoned a tiger phantom from within it. The beast blew out a yellow mist from its mouth as soon as it appeared, forcefully blocking the black Qi from approaching further. Both Lin Yinping and Keen Spirit Peacock possessed by Grand Immortal Xu were covered in rainbow light in an attempt to protect themselves.

After Han Li glanced at the situation near him, he frowned and turned to look at the Eight Spirit Ruler and the Black Wind Flag.

Of these two treasures, one was masterless and the other corrupted, but neither were revealing their true powers. Even so, the inky winds raging around the slick black flood dragon and the silver talisman characters floating across the huge argent lotus seemed to be stuck in a stalemate.

While the dazzling clash occurred high above them, it was impossible not to notice them. However, no one could go to claim the treasures, with everyone entirely occupied with the battle at hand.

Han Li knew that he was no match for the devil ancestor’s abilities and immediately planned on escaping, but within this sealed space, where would he run?

As such, he could only brace himself for what was to come and make every attempt to avoid the resulting battle.

Although his Divine Devilbane Lightning was far more effective in dealing with the devilish Qi than he imagined, he didn’t dare to throw himself into the fray. His best bet was to protect himself and see how things developed.

If the devil ancestor took notice of his particular skill set and decided to attack him directly, he definitely wouldn’t make it out in one piece.

Furthermore, he was disconnected to what would happen to the Great Jin if the devil ancestor were to escape. He wasn’t about to sacrifice himself on their behalf.

With that in mind, he stealthily released his spiritual sense in the direction of the altar.

Caught unaware, his spiritual sense was repelled from an undetectable restriction of sorts.

He inwardly sighed and unconsciously turned his spiritual sense elsewhere and discovered something that made him pause.

Three hundred meters deep below, he sensed a foot-large golden sphere: the Gold Devouring Beetles he had previously released.

Like the cultivators and demons, these insects were brought along as well.

When he earlier released his beetles, he had them scour the walls of the eight floor to see if there were any weak points he could exploit, but because he was trapped in the sealed area created by the Black Wind Flag, he had lost contact with them.

Because they were underground when they teleported, the others hadn’t taken any notice of them.

Han Li looked at the huge stone pillars surrounding the altar that twinkled with light. His heart stirred and he paused in hesitation before giving his hidden beetles a command.

The golden sphere of light flashed and scattered all over.

Corpse Xiong and the others closer to the battle were o

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