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Han Li felt his breath turn cold.

This battle now exceeded the realm of Nascent Soul cultivators. It wasn’t something that they could interfere with.

While his mind was now occupied with planning, a glint flashed from Gui Ling’s eye. She hesitated but eventually burrowed into the ground in a yellow streak.

Soon after, Han Li began to float erratically about, but something soon caught his attention.

In the space behind the two devils, there was an intact black-teleportation formation shrouded in flags.

“That is...” Han Li was immediately reminded of the other teleportation formation from the previous room.

Right after he found it, he met Grand Immortal Xu’s gaze and they both turned away. The two had the same idea in mind.

As for the black-robed woman wielding the Black Wind Flag, she wasn’t standing idle during all this. She waved the banner down at palace in the center of the formation. The four-armed Elder Devil stood closely behind her and took out four common treasures of his own.

The two devil’s actions naturally incurred the wrath of the Ninetruths Devil Suppression Formation, violently engulfing the air in huge amounts of golden light.

The woman sneered and clasped the flag with both her hands. As it wildly sparkled with black light, an inky barrier emerged from it, covering both of the devils.

When the overbearing barrage of golden light touched the black barrier, they disappeared entirely from sight without damaging the mass as if they had been swallowed in the barriers depths.

Inside the barrier, the black-robed woman pushed forward and arrived within the boundaries of the Ninetruths Devil Suppression Formation.

The nine huge blades unanimously trembled, and suddenly clear rings filled the air with mysterious talisman characters. The huge blades quickly shank to a foot in size in the blink of an eye.

The blades then dazzlingly shined, filling the air with what seemed to be giant brilliant suns.

The woman’s expression fell solemn appeared on her calm face.

The black light barrier then increased several times in thickness and the surface became far smoother.

After a tense moment, the nine golden blades began to spin in the air as they made their way down.

With a brilliant glint, nine thin sword threads pierced the air and completely disappeared.

Suddenly, golden circles erupted from the devils’ black barrier. Golden light magnificently shone and completely enveloped the black light in every direction.

But what was most astonishing was that everything happened in complete silent.

Han Li took advantage of this chaos to observe at the others. Seeing that everyone was focused on what was happening, an odd expression momentarily appeared on his face and he secretly slid a pouch into his sleeve.

He held his hands behind his back as golden glitters fell down his sleeve and sank into the ground. In just a moment, he had released several thousands of his Gold Dev

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