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Several near-transparent demon beasts flew at the top of the white snowstorms and stealthily moved forward in the winterland.

These demon beasts were known as Glacial Imps, born from glacial Qi. Although they were only grade-six demon beasts, the ruthless cold that froze the air posed little threat to them. Rather, they moved through it with vigor, much like a fish in water.

Suddenly, the Glacial Imp leading them stopped. Its several eyes opened on both of its sides as it doubtfully looked in a certain direction within the snowstorm. The other imps had stopped and done the same.

Suddenly, the sounds of tearing air sounded and several red threads broke through the winds. At incredible speeds, they penetrated the imps.

With the sharp cracks of their demon cores splitting into two, the imps lifelessly dropped to the ground.

At that moment, a silhouette slowly emerged from within the storm, a female North Night Palace cultivator who wore a white cloak.

Her emotionless eyes observed the fluttering snow for just a moment before blurring out of sight once more.


In an area fifty kilometers away, there was a six-meter-tall figure with an ox head. It was walking across the sparkling surface of a frozen lake.

A pair of pitch-black horns jutted from its head and its fur flickered with blue light. It carried a huge saber on its back and his buttocks twisted in a ridiculous clumsiness as it walked.

But if a human cultivator were to see this demon beast, they wouldn’t be laughing by any stretch as the figure was grade seven demon beast on the verge of metamorphosis.

Due to North Night Island’s fully-activated restrictions, all demon beasts below grade eight were forced to tread through the ground, resulting in those less skilled in movement techniques to move forward at a snail’s pace.

Suddenly, the huge saber on the demon beast’s back blurred and seemingly disappeared from sight.

A huge boom soon followed, along with a miserable cry.

A wide and immensely deep cut had appeared on the surface of the lake.

The bull-headed demon then began to leisurely examine it.

In the blink of an eye, mists of blood spouted from the cracks as well as a bisected corpse. From its clothes, it appeared to belong to a disciple from North Night Palace.

The disciple used ice movement techniques to move underneath the lake in preparation to ambush the demon, but he was seen through and was executed in a single strike.

With a trace of savage cruelty on its face, the demon reached out with its hand and summoned the corpse half into its grasp.

It widely opened its mouth and chomped down.

In the time it took to finish a cup of tea, the corpse-half filled the demon’s stomach to satisfaction.

Similar scenes of slaughter occurred throughout North Night Island, of low-grade demon beasts being ambushed and cultivators being devoured.

However, all battles taking place were against low-grade demon beasts

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