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A layer of purple flames lit up from Han Li’s body, blocking the icy winds from approaching him.

The winds seemed to melt away as soon as they touched him.

At that same moment, Han Li glanced to the side. The entire hall was covered in ice, but the users of the ice flames were completely unharmed.

Bai Mengxin protected herself with white flames while Arctic Dragon emitted a cloud of Celestial Ice Flames from the small cauldron in front of him.

As for the middle-aged azure-robed man, a black flame enveloped his as he held his hands behind his back.

The old woman produced a yellow walking cane at an unknown time, creating clouds of yellow flame in front of her.

The grey-robed monk slapped his hands together, producing a green flame that coiled around his body, flickering as it blocked the icy winds.

As for the other cultivators, they were able to block the icy winds, but their barriers and treasures flickered in their struggle against the winds.

In the blink of an eye, the howling came to a sudden stop and winds gradually dispersed, filling the entire hall with silence.

As Han Li’s eyes wandered, he formed a hand incantation and his purple flames were absorbed back into his body.

He looked at the stone gate and found countless giant pillars of ice erected there almost like a maze.

His heart stirred and he released his spiritual sense forward. Not long after, he felt his spiritual sense become sluggish and heavy, a sign that peculiar spirit restrictions laid within.

The old woman and the others sensed the same and their expressions changed.

Arctic Dragon took a deep breath and turned to gravely look at the foreign cultivators. “Fellow Daoists, be careful! This is also the first time that I’ve entered the Spirit Void Hall. Although most of the restrictions are under my control, there are a few that even I can’t touch. Please follow me with the utmost care to avoid triggering any of the restrictions.”

The old woman indifferently replied, “Of course. Why would we recklessly rush through your palace’s restricted area?”

Han Li and the grey-robed monk raised no objections.

Arctic Dragon nodded with satisfaction and announced to the North Night Palace elders, “The process of breaking the bottleneck will take a month at worse, less than a week at best. If those demons attack the palace during this time, respond in accordance to our original plans. If there are any unforeseen events and I’ve yet to emerge for two months, put our reserve plans into action!”

“Yes, Grand Elder!” The group of cultivators replied with a solemn tone.

“Then we shall be heading in!” Arctic Dragon then turned around and summoned a fist-sized jade plate into his hand with a wave of his sleeve. He then raised the magic tool in his hand and led the way through the stone gate.

Han Li and the other wielders of the ice flames closely followed after him.

Once all of them entered, Arctic Dragon cast a spell sea

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