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Frightened, the wolf form of Yuan Cha quickly brandished her black flames to meet the oncoming azure threads. But completely against her expectations, a cold snort sounded from the silver lightning and the threads weren’t touched in the slightest.

The devil’s heart sank.

She found herself completely restrained as Silvermoon appeared before her and entered her body in a few rapid flashes.

The huge wolf trembled and its two heads let out a miserable howl.

Its body began to violently twitch and tremble with seizures.

One of the heads suddenly became sluggish for a spell, but soon became filled with life and its fur turned silver. It immediately tilted its head and bit down on the neck of its other head.

The possessor had yet to resign itself. It also bit down on the neck of the other head and the two heads found themselves tearing at each other’s throats.

Just as the battle began, the silver lightning faded away to reveal Han Li holding onto the Heavenvoid Cauldron. Concern was betrayed from his face as he watched the two-headed wolf.

Although the silver head took the first strike, the damage had been instantly healed. Layers of black Qi rushed out from the black wolf head in response and it fought on with rising fervor.

Han Li’s expression sank and he flicked the Heavenvoid Cauldron, resounding a clear ring from it.

The huge wolf that was trapped brilliantly shined with light and it soon tensed. The wolf body was no longer able to move.

Soon after, an arc of lightning leapt from his mouth and struck the black wolf head.

Golden light ruptured and thin arcs jumped in the air, instantly scattering the devilish Qi gathered around the black wolf’s head. It screamed in agony as its devilish Qi greatly decayed.

The other head then took this opportunity to produce a silver wolf phantom. This being stretched forward and took the black head into its mouth before pulling back and tearing along a mass of black light with it.

The light fluctuated in shape with the consistency of mud before finally taking the form of various ghost faces. They all had vicious expressions and exchanged fang and claw with the silver silhouette.

The silver phantom gazed in disdain and it flared with binding light, growing several times in size. It swallowed the black phantom in a single gulp and shrunk, then re-entering the silver wolf head.

In the blink of an eye, the black wolf head stood still and its eyes grew listless. The silver head paid little notice of this and instead curled its head and trembled as if it were in great pain.

Han Li was relieved by the sight of this and flung the cauldron at the wolf, pointing at it several times along the way. Azure mist swept out from it and surrounded the huge wolf into a huge dome.

Afterwards, Han Li looked around him and shot towards the nearby seal with a curious expression.

When he arrived above the rubble of the altar, he held his hand down and flicked sev

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