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When Bai Yaoyi left his sight, Han Li looked back down and observed the three Profound Ice Flowers.

After some contemplation, he slapped his storage pouch and summoned a dozen various colored streaks, attaching themselves into the surrounding crystal walls. A blue mist then completely enveloped the vicinity.

With that done, buzzing shook the air as a swarm of golden beetles flew out from Han Li’s body, disappearing into the mist as specks of light.

So long as nothing particularly powerful approached, the mist should be able to protect him as he refined the Profound Ice Pill.

Feeling at ease, Han Li raised his hand and summoned a fist-sized cauldron that sparkled with silver light. As it floated in front of him, he summoned a variety of wooden boxes and small bottles from his storage pouch onto the ground.

He then changed his focus to the three flowers.

He waved his sleeve, producing three golden streaks that wound around the flowers, carving out the myriad year profound ice they were attached to.

He then pointed to the ground and three foot-long jade boxes warped out from sight and oddly reappeared below the three flowers.

Seeing that the flowers were gathered without a problem, he formed a hand gesture with a satisfied expression on his face. He then launched a series of spell seals into the blue mist surrounding him. The mist roiled around him and massively expanded, soon submerging the entire ravine from sight.

Apart from the icy winds whistling in the ravine, there was only silence.


Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

The blue mist was exceptionally dense at the bottom of the ravine and showed no signs of dissolving.

Then, light flashed from the distant sky and three streaks arrived at great speed, appearing before the ravine in only a moment.

The streak of silver light at the front of the three appeared dim as if its owner had been injured.

The red and green lights following it appeared dazzling and overbearing.

It was clear the silver light was being pursued.

The silver light faded to reveal a gorgeous white-robed woman. Her complexion was pale and a layer of faint green Qi covered her. She was Bai Yaoyi who had last been seen three days ago.

She had somehow encountered mishaps and had been pursued until now. Her bodies were also under the effects of a vicious poison that even a mid-Nascent Soul cultivator couldn't resist.

When she arrived above the ravine, she quickly looked down and saw a roiling blue mist. She let out a sigh, relieved by the sight.

At that moment, the red and green lights pursuing her were only a few hundred meters away. A man’s voice spoke from the green light, “What? You’ve decided to stop running, knowing how badly you’re poisoned? If you’ve decided to forfeit your life, then this lord won’t hesitate to take it!” The tone of the voice was sinister and harsh.

Bai Yaoyi coldly snorted and dived into the ravine, paying no atte

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